Older neighbor lady

I must say that some of the best oral I have ever received came from an older woman in her late 60's or early 70's. I had a neighbor where I used to live and I started mowing her lawn for her and trimming her shrubs. I did this for about two years along with other little maintenance things that she needed done. She had made me a few meals, baked cookies and was always really friendly but one thing that always stood out was her hugs. she always gave me these full body hugs and I could feel her press into me. One day after I had finished up with the lawn and stuff I was standing next her in the garage and she pulled out a bill and stuffed right into the pocket of my pants. It just so happened that my penis was right under that pocket and her fingers rolled right over it. She pulled her hand out and thanked me for mowing the lawn then with this smile on her face she asked me if she could stick her hand back in my pocket. I told her sure if she really wanted to I was fine with it, I am not married and at the time I had not been with a woman in quite some time. She slid her hand back into my pocket and squeezed my head a few times then asked me if I wanted to come inside for some fun. This woman was easily 30 years older than me so I thought what the hell hopefully she can give me a good bj. She did not waste anytime and took me straight back to her bedroom. She pulled back the blankets and sheets and told me strip off my clothes and lay down. She did not take off anything and laid down next to me with her back to my face, she began sucking on me and continued nice and slowly for a long time. She then sped up the stroking until I came and swallowed it all. She told me that it was great and wanted to know if she could keep on doing it some more. I told her she could do it for as long as she wanted to and she did it for about an hour giving me two orgasms and one seriously pleasured cock. She was always so sexy about things, often while I would be mowing or trimming I would look up in the window and she would be flashing me her boobs or waving at me to come inside so she could suck me off again.
One day I decided that I wanted to see how far I could get with her so when she invited me inside I started right away fondling her. She giggled and laughed telling me I was really horny if I wanted to touch her. I started pulling her blouse buttons loose and reached under the back side and undid her bra, she seemed embarrassed but did not make any attempt to stop me or say she wanted me to quit. It took a few minutes but I got all of her clothes off while I was also getting naked. I started caressing and sucking on her nipples and light caressing her body, she was really enjoying it but told me that she would not be able to have sex because she could not get any lubrication and it was painful. I began moving down her torso and finally got my tongue going on her, I was determined to give this woman an orgasm after all the times she had already pleasured me. She was right about the no lubrication, she was very dry even after about five minutes of licking. I kept my fingers out of her and instead made massaging motions around her lips while I licked her clit. It took quite some time but finally she had an orgasm of sorts, she was a little more lubricated and told me that I did a really great job of pleasuring her after so many years of not having sex. She told me to lay down and again gave me a great blow job while my hands kept wandering around her breasts and skin.
I only got to pleasure her about three times the whole time we played together but I could not even count the hand and blow jobs I got from her. She loved to do it so much that she would see me get home from work then wander over and ask me about my day. Sometimes it was half an hour and sometimes it was pretty much right away but whenever she came over I got a blow job.

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  • I fuck my grandmother twice a week. Although she's 77, she still needs a good fucking from me. Mine is the only cock she gets since her husband died 6 years ago.

  • Don't be a cheap bastard , buy lubricant and fuck the shit out of her.

  • Older women in their 60's and 70's always give the best blowjobs don't they!

  • I couldn't agree more. They also give the best fucks because they're no longer getting the cock they need at home.

  • My mom would always send me over to her friends house to do work, her husband had passed away in his forties. I would finish up mowing, trimming or what ever the chores were she needed done then she would give me ten dollars or so. I turned 18 and the very next time I came over she invited me in as always when I was finished then told me happy birthday. She told me come over and sit down in one of her chairs and then she kneeled down right between my feet. She was smiling the whole time she pulled down my shorts and then she started giving me my first blow job and I have never had a better one yet in my life than what she did all the time. Her technique was amazing, she could get me hard as a rock then stop and play with my balls, it was amazing how she played it me. She always sucked me right thru my orgasm, would never stop to swallow just slurped it all down and sucked on it hard the whole time. She was awesome and I have missed those blowjobs for twenty some years now.

  • Next time you go over take a tin of three in one oil and then give her a good fucking .

  • I always wanted to do an older lady like that

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