I did not want him cheating on me

We have been married for 35 years and for the last 3 years or so I have been going thru the "change" of life for a woman. My sex drive has gone to zero and I have body and facial hair growing in places I have never had until now. I realized about a year into it that as much as he told he was not concerned about no sex I knew he was lying to me. I told him that he would not have any problems with getting pleasured because my hands and mouth were working fine and he laughed a bit.
I woke up one morning realizing as I drank my coffee that I had not so much as touched his cock in several months, it is amazing how much my thought process alone has changed. I walked upstairs and he was still sleeping so I locked the bedroom door and crawled under the covers, he moved around some as I was pulling down his boxers but let out a little moan as my mouth swallowed his cock down. He was hard in an instant and I sucked on him like a twenty year old. I loved listening to him moan and tell me how great I was at doing this, I stopped for a second and asked him to talk dirtier to me. I went back to sucking on him hard and fast listening to him gasp and moan out. He told me some nice ones about being a cock sucker, I was actually feeling pretty turned on by it as I swallowed his cum and kept it going for a few more minutes giving me more pleasure than usual.
I decided to up the sucking for him and began doing it in the morning before he went to work then a few weeks later I told him that he had a free pass for a week. He looked at me confused a bit but then I told him that he could ask for a blow job anytime he wanted one all week. He told me sure but seemed skeptical that I would do it for him, he really did not ask for many the first few days so I asked him if he could work from home one day. I woke him up about an hour later than usual with a blow job and continued this thru out the day by coming to him and sucking him off.
When lunch time came I think he had already been pleasured 8-9 times, he was even telling me that he could not believe this was happening as I got down on my knees under his desk. I spent the afternoon doing the same thing and even sucked on him slowly for almost an hour while he had a phone conference. He hung up the phone and I told him to grab my hair and fuck my mouth and I think he just about came hearing me say it.
I thought about it a lot and found that I really had fun that day even though I never got any sexual pleasure physically it was a lot of fun just seeing him pleasured and the expressions on his face as I started sucking on him.


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  • How about you two share a cock and suck it off?

  • Too bad you had to wait until menopause to be a good wife.

  • Who says I waited for menopause, I have always been very sexually charged. When I was in my thirties he told me that he never imagined a woman who would want it as much as I did. What I am trying to do is not let his pleasure go to the wayside as we go thru this period of my life. Even if I am not turned on or feeling sexual I still give him as much pleasure as he can take.

  • My wife went through the change for 8 long years. She still sexed me like we had always carried on. There are a few good ladies out there.

  • Nothing like a unexpected blowjob. My wife doesn’t nearly want to suck me as much as she once did. Maybe once every other month. I work with an old friend of her. She cannot wait to meet me during lunch to suck me off. Sometimes she will wait for me after work to suck and swallow me. I really like her friend Kendra and I’m not so sure why she wants to suck me off so much. I don’t want anyone to blame me for being that way but sometimes all is men need is a woman like you to take care of our needs rather than having to get It elsewhere

  • The next time I gave him a free pass I had no idea that our college age son was going to be gone for the weekend. Hubby certainly got his pleasure that weekend.

  • Now your gonna want to suck all the cocks lol

  • You are a great wife!

  • Yup, wife of the year award right here.

  • Now go in there and suck him off!

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