My girlfriend says I'm too big

I have only had sex 3 times now with my girlfriend of 9 months. She told me I was too big for penitration, causing her to rip the last time we had sex.
I don't make a habit of checking out other guys, so I didn't believe her. She got a tape measure out and I'm almost 12 inches hard, and thick enough that I can't close my fingers to my thumb around it. I just thought that was normal size for guys, but she says it's not.
If women can push out a baby from down there, than surely she can take whatever I have. I think she's lying and I'm thinking about leaving her.
She says she's not sleeping with anyone else, but who knows.
So here is my questions.
1. Is 11.75 inches big?
2. Do you think she's sleeping with someone else?
3. Why can't she take me?
4. Should I leave her and ask out this other girl I like?

1 month ago

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    • Yes it is too big. You should stop pushing ehen about 7 inch has gone in.

    • Ha ha my name Big Jig Leon, I got nine inches of prime Alabama blacksnake and when I grab a white bitch from her boojie little wine bar she's getting it balls deep all at once no lube!

    • You need to find a cumdump sissy cock craving faggot, I know for sure I can handle..., I mean one of them could handle that big cock of your...all the way to your balls and even beg for oh yes give me that big dick, yes, yes more, harder, yes fuck my ass

    • Aw geez another post by Cenk Uygur

    • It's tape measure guy again with a fake story! He is trying to hide the fact that he has a micro-dick and is a 40 year old virgin!

    • My girlfriend says I'm too big, also. We've had sex five or six times and each time it's all "oww!" and "mister stop!" and "you promised you'd buy my cookies!" I'm pretty sure she's cheating on me so I park outside her middle school to see if she's talking to any of the boys. Should I ask out one of her friends?

    • Of course

    • You're the new record holder. The old record is 10.75.

    • Average cock length is 5 to 6 inches.
      I guess having a bigger dick has given you a smaller brain, because you seem kind of clueless.

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