My Wife at Night

My wife and I have been married 5 years. 2 years into our marriage I discovered my wife sleeps so deeply I can touch her and masturbate without her waking up. It took me a year to work up to the courage to have sex with her while she slept. The first time I pulled out and came on her ass. The second time on her face, but since then I have been cumming in her pussy. When she got pregnant the first time I wasn't sure if our regular sex or the sleeping sex got her pregnant. But after our first was born I would have sex with my wife and fake my orgasms. I now only cum inside her when she's sleeping 3-4 times per week.


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  • First of all my wife knows and approves of me fucking her when she's asleep.
    Sometimes she wakes up and we really go at it, other times it's like I'm fucking a new girl -- she's totally different. other times she'll call an old boyfriends name or Slick our pet name for our mailman she's smitten for. Other times she'll be totally out and masturbate in her sleep when I'm done. Giving her oral is out of this world,. Couple times I woke up to a blowjob she never remembers giving.

  • You should invite other guys over to fill her sleeping pussy.

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