Liberals aren't very smart

They claim that rich old white people are racist. You know that is a true statement
They claim that rich old white people are the problem and need to just die. Again, you know that's a true statement. Matter a fact, you have probably said that yourself if you're a liberal.
But here's the problem, Liberals also voted a rich old white guy into the White House. Hence, liberals aren't very smart, they literally voted into office the exact same person whom they claim is the problem.
And they wonder why nothing ever changes. Idiots.

1 month ago

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    • That’s actually not Liberals. Libs are just complacently allowing the communist/sjw faction of the left to push them around. White guilt is powerful.

    • I’m white and not feeling any guilt. I guess that’s because I’m a racist and don’t know it. Right ?

    • I am so fucking glad I do not live in the USA hole.

    • I’m so glad you don’t live here either. We don’t need to add to the hundreds of thousands of people crossing our borders illegally looking for a better life.

    • Sure, until you get shot.

    • You believe the news idiot! There are plenty more countries with a much higher shooting and murder rate then the we have!

    • The liberals media manipulates the numbers to make people think the US is the highest murder rate. When in fact, if they were to show all the data, people would see the US Is actually in the lowest group of countries for murder. But when the liberal media cuts off the graph right after the US, they can make any country look the worst by doing that.

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    • Thank goodness you're too lazy to try, playing craps on your porch while drinking lean.

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