Little sister Audrey

I have this younger sister named Audrey, 3 years younger then me and when we were kids we made out one time while we were play wrestling around and I asked her if she wanted to have sex. She said yes and we went into my brothers room downstairs. There was a sleeping bag on the floor and we both cralwed inside it. She laid on her back and I got on top of her, kissing her and feeling up her body. My dick started to get hard wanting to fuck her. But she for some reason changed her mind and said I can't do this. Got out of the sleeping bag and went upstairs. I tried to call her back but she never came back. Since then we never really talked about that time or brought it up. Now I'm 25 and she's sexy as fuck. Everytime I spend the night at her house I jerk off thinking about her, or every time she spends the night I get hard thinking about her reverse riding me, wishing she would sleep with me. I know she'd be down if she saw my dick. Probably gives good head. If you read this and your name is Audrey, your brother is waiting to fuck you. He's waiting for you. Come over and let's fuck.

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  • Sometimes it seems like she really wants to fuck me. Like she always calls me over when she's wearing these sexy tight pants on. See her thong an shit. No bra so her titties looked glorious. I just wanted to stuff my face in those and moter boat away. And fuck her.

  • I would love to fuck the shit out of her

  • Maybe she remembers ask her to fuck

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