Hot Daughter

Curvy cute 13 yo preteen in skimpy bikini with string up her but and tits falling out from time to time gives me a hard on. Nice sleeping material and yoga exercising on a daily basis. She innocently articulate and seductive. I wonder if she knows what she does to and for me. I live a constant teas and sometimes thinks she wants it based upon her actions or lack of. I am also to blame because of the tight bond I helped create. Suggestive remarks out of no where pop out from her at times which leave me thinking she has no idea what she is asking for. This has been going on for a couple of years and seemed to begin when we stopped showering together; coincidence, I do not think because now her body is taking off. We stopped the showers and nude sleeping when she was started the pubes and budding. Unconsciously it would harden and my adrenaline would rise. I had to get away from my instincts. At the same time her aggressiveness increased and the sexual tension were so intense that I would run to her mom to release the sexual tensions created by her daughter. Her mom loves our sex and sees nothing as far as the wanted sex between me and her daughter. My wife loves that her daughter and I are so close but not a clue as to how close we want to be.

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  • I have noticed that my 13 year old daughter and her friends, really like to present their camel toes and often don't wear a bra. I can see my daughter's labia clearly when she wears spandex shorts and yoga pants. She has a pair of denim shorts cut so short, the seam in the crotch goes between her labia and her lips pop out the sides. They can't be comfortable, she is always pulling the material out from her crotch. I don't mind looking at my daughter's and her friends labia, it's in plain sight for everyone to see. My daughter has caught me looking at her pussy many times, she just smiles at me.

  • When I was sixteen I had a thirteen year old girl friend that loved a hard cock more than any woman I have met since and I am now sixty eight, she loved to fuck, suck cock, swallowed, she loved cum and even liked it in her ass.

  • Can't very well be a 13 year old "pre-teen" now, can she ?

  • I had full-sized breasts when I was 12 and used to dress much older to get guy's attention. I remember more than once catching guys staring at my body at that age

  • Don't you mean wincest?

  • You could offer to shower with her for old times sake and see how she responds.

  • Does the word pedaphile ring a bell ?

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