I let my husband show me to his friends

My husband has told me for a long time how sexy i am naked and he thinks i have a hot body. he has begged me to let his friends see me naked.

he talked me into pretending i was passed out on our bed one night after a party. i was completely naked on my back with my legs open when he paraded 7 of his buddy's in the room who saw me naked. what i wasn't expecting was for them to feel my tits and finger me. i had to pretend i was passed out during the whole thing. now i am so embarrassed every time i see one of them.

1 month ago

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    • Would love you naked

    • I've done that kind of things with both my wife and past girlfriends. Another friend actually started it when he let us observe his 'sleeping' girlfriend. The open secret is our wives and girlfriends are always awake and in on it. We know they fake sleeping but all go along with as it seems the best way to see each other's women without drama and risk of bad reputations

    • My wife Sally, then 25, and I are at a bar and these 2 guys keep buying our beers. Know they guys? She says yup, and it's a good story. These frat guys came to her sorority and told her they were have a bachelor party and their stripper is a no show, we'll give you $50 to pinch hit. She said had flirted with the idea of poll dancing at the local titties bar, buy now indecent opportunity came knocking. If I took money I'll be the campus whore, if I do for free I'll be a legend. So she said I'll do it for free, buy me a beer someday. So you're saying they saw you naked. Yup. 1988

    • Nice!

    • You should have smacked your husband and his friends if you had any class. But since this is fake it doesn't matter. But you still have no class at all.

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