Hot wife

My wife and I have been entertaining the idea of her sleeping with another man. It was my idea. She was surprised when I told her that it didn’t have to be a threesome. I was totally ok with her sleeping with another man without me there. I told her that I would like to watch and masturbate while they had sex, but it didn’t have to be every time. I told her the first time, I wanted to walk in and see it happening already.

She texted me when I had just gotten off work but hadn’t gotten to my car. She said, “I have a surprise for you.” I asked what it was. She said, “I have a friend over.” I said, “Ok?” She said, “I don’t think you understand. This friend is of the male persuasion.” I perked up and said, “Oh yeah?” She said, “Yep. I’m gonna make your fantasy a reality.” I walked in the door and they were already having sex. They were on the couch. She was riding his cock while he sat back on the couch. First think I noticed. The guy she picked had the biggest dick I have ever seen. I’m like 5 inches. This guy was easily 10. She was absolutely loving it.

12 days ago

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    • While dating my wife I realized she was sleeping with other men. I brought up that we were engaged an she said she needs cock 24/7. She said I should not worry I will be her number one. She invited me to watch her fuck someone else. By now my cock is hard as a rock thinking of her fucking someone else. A couple days later she said she is meeting some guys at a local motel. Yes guys not one but four. Two well hung blacks one Hispanic and one white guy. Holy shit I could not believe how she could fuck. After they fucked her in every hole possible they left. I cleaned her up and then we fucked. I mean fucked we had sex six times over the next several hours. Best fucking of my life. I was thinking of canceling the wedding but instead we moved up the date. Nothing like living with a slut.

    • The first time my wife setup for a work friend to fuck her, I watched but he didn’t know. I was so hard watching a guy whose cock was twice as thick as mine fuck my wife. He was very rough with her and I was worried as I’ve never knew a guy could be so physical as he was. He had endless energy and my wife had no inhibitions. Sometimes she will have an orgasm when we fuck but she had 6 that afternoon, he had at least 3. He loved her tits and kept watching them ever time he was fucking her. When he got up, he just dressed and my wife just laid there watching him. She got up and kissed his cock goodbye before he zipped up his trousers. Afterwards she told me that she wanted him to fuck her again but she wanted him to know that I was watching. He told my wife he haven’t fucked his wife in 3 months! I knew his wife and she was very sexy. I couldn’t believe that. A few months later he returned. He knew I was watching and if anything, he was even more excited and fucked my wife even harder. He kept talking to me the whole time telling me that we may be married but his cock owned ever part of my wife’s body. When he left, I want up to my wife, she was exhausted, I was hard the whole 1 1/2 bourse he fucked her. The thought of him going home to his own wife after he did that to mine was hard to understand. He certainly didn’t need sex!

    • I'm a cuckold husband, and I'm also gay. My wife knew I was gay when we got married. We've known each other all our lives, we grew up together as neighbors. She's been fucking other guys since the day we were married. I enjoy watching her being satisfied by other men. I always get to clean up her creampied pussy or ass hole, which ever the guy used. On several occasions, my wife allows me to suck the guys cock to get it nice and hard for him to fuck her.
      We have a good marriage, we love each other. She knows that I like to suck cock, swallow cum, and have my ass fucked. I know that I could never satisfy her with my tiny worthless cock, so she finds men/ boys that can.
      Life is good.

    • I'm just the opposite. I'll do one of my husband's friends so he can watch. He likes to watch them penetrate men and their stuff ooze out. I refuse to do anything kinky, oral, anal, multiple positions, nope. Get on me, pump, cum and get off. there everyone is happy.
      Now when I find someone that I click with, him I do in private. I haven't found many, as when I do, tend to stick with them on the side so to speak as long as I can. they all have told me that I am the freakyist woman that they'd ever had sex with.

    • I hope she let yiu cleanup after them. My favorite thing is the creampie cleanup. From a bull or me, I'm the one who eats the cum. Unless she's sucking and wants it. I just do what I'm told to do! She never let's me just suck him off to completion. I can be her fkuffer but have to wait on the reward.

    • I couldn't have sex with other men in front of my husband for a long time like a couple of years after I started sleeping around with different men. He knew that I was going out with other men and having sex so it wasn't like I was doing it behind his back. But once I became more comfortable with myself and realized that these guys didn't really care that I was married I started bringing guys home with me which is a lot safer place to be with someone else rather than going to a hotel room or their house. And a lot of guys didn't mind if my husband was watching or not.

    • My hang up if you want to call it that was, if he wasn't up to it then why does he think he is entitled to watch me.

    • I think that most women like myself, rather ease into the hotwife lifestyle by starting without an audience so to speak. It not the easiest to be comfortable to have sex with a new partner.
      My personal experience is that you just don't hit this high level sexual chemistry with every partner you hook up with.
      Not to say that it doesn't happen and that's when I don't mind being watched as I am totally fixated on giving and receiving pleasure from a partner and my husband has told me that when he sees that it really turns him on.

    • My gf was like you. I loved it when we went out and all the guys stared at her. She was 24 and I was 44 and people loved to ask" how did you score that??" Lol

    • You’re a lucky man. Did you only watch? Did you get hard seeing her or his big cock? Any chance you wanted to suck his cock?

    • Some of my wives lovers let me watch them fuck my wife. Several times while my wife was getting fucked I joined in. The wife pushed my head toward her lovers cock when he was ready to cum. The boyfriend shot a load of his cum in my mouth. Other times the wife would ask me to clean her and her lover after he shot his jizz in her.

    • I would gladly suck his cock. 1: if I knew he’d be into it. 2: if my wife had any idea I’m into men

    • Did you take pictures?

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