Happily married, but....

My wife and I have been married for 10 years this year. Since having kids, our sex life has dwindled. I always try my best to convince her that she’s sexy and she should be confident, but she feels like a basic mom. But when she does feel sexy and we get into it, she’s an animal. She talks dirty, gets a little aggressive and acts slutty. When she gets like that, I always think about how sexy it would be to be able to watch her be like that with someone else. The fantasy always revolves around her being with a complete stud, someone that’s in good shape, super confident and has a really big dick. I know the fantasy is somewhat common, just I’ve never told anyone how into it I am.

3 months ago

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    • I always thought her fantasy was to have like ten guys piss on her, but after I hired these guys to abduct my wife and piss on her all afternoon it turns out that wasn’t her fantasy AT ALL.

    • I've thought of the samething for my wife. I would love to see her get it good. But no she's not that way. I even gave her permission to do it.

    • Keep it a fantasy. If you introduce someone into your marriage you'll blow up your life, but worse, your kids life when you end up in a divorce. Keep this just a fantasy and think that you're enough. This revolves around you not thinking that you're enough of a stud and you can work out, lose weight, and build your own self esteem!

    • You’re right, keep it a fantasy. Buy a dildo if you think that might help It did for me. We use it every time we have sex. I just can’t keep it up and last long enough, and I love eating her out while I work the dildo. After her cums I masturbate on her.

    • Mine (Linda) introduced her boss to her pussy all by herself. My good buddy's (Bob) wife won't give him give him blowjobs. He's knows about Linda and her boss. The janitor actually caught Linda giving him a BJ. So Bob asks permission to hit on Linda for a BJ. I was taken back and a little pissed, he has such a hussy opinion of her. A month later I said go ahead but don't ask directly, she won't. Ask her to go for a ride in you Corvette, she loves it. Stop for a couple beers, take her parking let her do her thing. She knows about the no BJ wife.
      She didn't disappoint.

    • I agree with this

    • You should tell your wife this fantasy and see what she says.

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