Like to show off my wife

My wife is very shy, always likes to have covers over her in bed, etc. She is petite, 5-foot-2, barely 100 pounds, small b**bs, but a really, really nice a**. I did sneak a video of her in the shower, but if she knew, she'd kill me. I have always fantasized about strangers seeing her naked, but I also know she's not into that kind of thing. But maybe this site would quench my thirst while maintaining her anonymity.

4.6 years ago


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    • This is a strange urge that I have and do not understand. Now IF someone wanted to display themselves, that I could see, but what makes me want to show off my own wife so much?
      I am not a cuckold, because I don't want her touched, sex is for the two of us, but if someone sees her breasts, or full nude, I get crazy hot and can make love to her often twice without stopping.
      She knows that now of course, so if she is in the mood, she will do something to tease me, like go shopping with no bra, short skirt no panties.
      She has lifted her top to show her breasts to guys with no warning, they nearly always show shock at that.

    • Our relationship was perfect. We never fought once, never had any trust issues, but alcohol has made our relationship toxic, he was accusing me of having affairs when I’d never dream of such a thing. He assumed that I’d slept with other men before I met him. I got really fed up with the abuse when recently I found out he's having an affair, thanks to this cyber professional "hackingloop6@gmail . co m", who hacked his phone and gained me remote access to his phone activities. I was able to tolerate and forgive his verbal abuse, but cheating is one thing I can't put up with. You can also reach out to 'hackingloop6@gmail .com', for any hacking assistance, he's a professional and reliable hacker, his services are affordable.

    • I'd have never thought my wife would let someone else see her naked. She was a preacher's daughter and had been raised to always dress and act very conservative. But one night joking around I pretended to take a picture of her in the shower but had actually just pushed the test button on the flash. She chased me out and I figured I'd let her stew for a while so when she went in the bedroom I just stayed in the living room.

      I was shocked when she came in the living room in a sexy outfit she'd gotten for a wedding gift but had never worn. I couldn't believe it when she said if I was going to take nude pictures of her she didn't want to be in the shower looking like a wet rat. Though it had been a joke I wasn't about to pass this up, so I started taking pictures. I was using a polaroid camera so we saw them right away. She was amazed at how hot she looked in the black garter belt & stockings. I'd always known she was hot. 18-yo, 5-8, 110-lbs, 34D-24-35, with long red hair & matching bush. She was hot as hell, and for the first time, she saw it herself.

      She did a total turn around and started wearing revealing outfits when my friends came over so they could see down her blouse and see her big tits & huge puffy aureolas or see up her skirt & see her bushy red bush. She would really expose herself when we were out of town letting guys/girls from room service etc see her nude. As well as going into stores etc exposing herself. And we were taking pictures at least once a week. Now using a 35mm camera. Within our 1st year of marriage, we went from her being an ultra-conservative ice queen. To exposing her sexy body whenever possible and then having threesomes, wife-swapping, and her even having sex with some of the couple's wiv / love sharing experiences with others.

    • Love showing my 30 year old wife big tits for sexy comments

    • Love to see her!

    • So do I and have fir 4o years she still has huge tits and a beautiful pussy not thin as she was very beautiful

    • I'd love to see your wife. Please email me

    • Actually called candaulism" Two schools of to buddy over beers, one who has always admired her and vice this way you can share on a more intimate bonding level. This however WILL ramp up his desire to actually bed your woman..but if thats ok with you..
      Then nthre's the faces..however posted where it gets alot of exposure, like a show my naked wife site. Have done both, found it much more fun when it's done with guy/guys that KNOW her. unless it's sex videos, wife sites are all about the impersonal same

    • I walk around the house naked for my hubby all the time now that the kids are gone. The rule is though, no photos - unless they’re on my phone. I have video of me on his face, him fucking my ass in reverse cowgirl, me sucking him...he watches them, but they’re all on my phone.

    • Thing is she would start to like the attention and find someone else and leave. If you really think she is nice then role play with her and fuck her silly. She is your wife; you want to keep her that way, then you better not let her know how it is to feel strange cock. She'll start wanting it instead of you and she'll be out the door.

    • Nah...youre not giving her enough creds.

    • I understand what you are saying, my wife works out a lot, and she has an amazing looking ass, trust me when I see pictures of models on the internet Im always thinking "my wife's ass is nicer" but she is conservative too, I dont think its shyness she was just raised very conservative for example Ive been wanting to have sex in a closed fitting room with nobody around and she wont go for it. Shes conservative in sex too, we usually have sex in 4 or 5 standard positions but she makes up for it because shes pretty and like I said she has a really nice body, she does wear sexy nighties and stuff like that to come to bed if I ask her, so fucking is always pleasurable.

    • Share the pics.

    • So are you going to share her video or pictures ? I would love to see her she sounds beautiful

    • Here you go.

    • Oops, try this one.

    • OMG, dude. I don't know which is hotter...her cute ass, knowing she is real and married, or the fact you sneak the pictures and she has no clue we are seeing her. Thank you for the glimpse at her.

    • That is pretty sharp...turn around would be better

    • Would you like to see more?

    • Wow, amazing! I'd love to see more or just trade pics. I'm in a very similar situation. My wife decent boobs but a fantastic ass.

    • I'll trade pics, I have a few more.


    • Let me know if you like it.

    • I do like it.

    • OMG...I like it.

    • How do you post a picture here?

    • You cant.... put them somewhere like flickr or other websites for pictures and post the link

    • Not sure how to do that. I'd rather send it via email.

    • Very nice ass indeed! My wife also has a killer ass. She would humor me and stay naked in the house so I could look at her body but she was absolute about no pic taking. I snuck a few shots from my phone and she finally caught me,
      She protested a bit as she is very conservative and shy type. I showed her the few pics I took and I think she liked what she saw. She said to me you can take all the pics you want but if you post or share them no more pics,

      She now models for me so I have pics to jack off to. What a great wife!

    • Show me
      I'll show u mine

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