A celebrity crush

I'm in love with the 19 year old girl who played Charlotte on Nickelodeon's "Henry Danger." Her name is Riele. She makes my dick so hard and always makes me wanna cum. I want to stare at her lovely firm ebony breasts and suck on her hard nipples. I want to watch her put on red lipstick, seductively walk towards me and decorate my face with moist kisses. I want to bring a cigarette to her lips, light it, watch her take a long hard drag on it and have her blow a thick stream of smoke all over my face, giggling while I cough and groan. I want to know what turns her on so I can make her cum. I want her to know that she is very beautiful and very sexy and that she can indulge any man's fantasy. Of course, I know that my fantasies must always remain just that: fantasies so I will not bother her or invade her privacy. I just wanted to get this all off my chest here. You'll always be my celebrity fantasy girl, lovely Riele.

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