Showed my friend

Hello 27yo married female. The other night my friend and I was drinking at my house and started talking about all kinds of stuff and we started talking about sexual things. At one point it got brought up about what’s the biggest dick we have had and she told me hers was 8in and I told her I’d had 9in before but really like 8in and that’s what my husband is. She asked if he was really 8in or was I just trying to make it sound better. I brought out my phone and showed her a pic of my husbands dick to prove it and she said wow ok your telling the truth. Then that subject was over and we talked about other stuff. Well like 2 days later I was with her and she asked if she could see that pic again and I told her no that was a one time thing and was drinking and wouldn’t have shown her if that wasn’t the case. She said she didn’t remember what it really looked like and wanted to see again and I said no. Well later in the day she had the nerve to ask again and I said no more stern. She asked if we drink again can she see it while we’re drunk and I said idk that’s just awkward you keep asking and she said sorry and hasn’t said anything again. Did I mess up showing her the first time? Now is she going to try my husband or something like that? I’m getting the hint that she liked it and wants it but fuck no.

29 days

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    • My wife would say I had a small dick when she was pissed. Then would say no it's big that she was just mad. Hard it's a good 7 to 7-1/2 with some good veins. Well she showed her sister and a ex friend of hers. Let's say well they both were happy when I was done with them. Her sister loved it in the ass balls deap would drop my load . Go home shower and let my wife suck it . Her friend I came in every time watch the cream pie come out. Think she found out about her cause they don't speak anymore. Somethings are best kept to the marriage.

    • Oh there going to fuck .

    • She is going to offer her pussy to him. He will probably take her up on it. Men seldom turn down pussy.

    • She liked the look and size of his cock and she wants it.
      Just a thought, maybe you should have a threesome

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