Black Water.

I'm 40 weigh 145, 5.9 tall. I get super attracted to masculine aggressive men that are taller/bigger than me especially if they are ethnically different like Black or Latino. i really enjoy sucking their dicks to get them excited until they get so sexually aroused they get physical and take over. I've done this many times and usually meet a interesting cool dude and we both have a good time, but this it went different this time. The motel was a total dive, one of those $29 a night deals, and sketchy as hell, but I went to his room anyway. He was perfect, he must have been 6.3 tall, at least, with a nice dark skin dude wearing a wife beater and boxers. He didn't say anything, just closed the door, pushed me to my knees, pull out his dick, and put it in my face for me to suck it. His serve me manner got me so hot I got to sucking him good but started licking his balls as his dick swollen up too big to easily fit in my mouth. he wasn't having none of that and started slapping the back of my head, grabbing my hair and guiding my mouth and throat back over his shaft. I was trying but his dick was making me gag and I had trouble breathing but instead of being cool about it he got mean scary and really physically aggressive. He got to throat fucking me and seemed to get meaner and rougher the more he gagged and choked me. Just bout when i figured i was going to pass out he started jerking and shot his load down the base of my throat. I was kinda shaken he had been so violent i went to get up and make my way out but he just reached over, picked me up and threw me face down on the bed where he sat on my back crushing me down into the mattress. I was struggling to breath much less talk, he started fingering my ass, but made me cry when he pushed in a fat over sized butt plug. Then he just sat there on top of me holding the thing plugging my asshole. That's when i started to feel it, my ass was tingling, then it started burning, not really painful but like he had put something in my ass and it was making me uncomfortable. That's when I started freaking out but he just sat there on top of me like a mountain I couldn't shake him at all. I started yelling and he donkey punched the back of my head hard enough i saw stars. I could feel that shit moving inside me, fucker had forced meth up my ass. I don't even remember much after that, I got used and fuck the entire night and i know there were at least two maybe three other of his friends abused and fucked me that night. the last thing he did was sit on my face and make me lick his asshole before he left. ...i have never be so degraded and so totally used and abused before .I confess I love that man and would run back to him if he lets me.

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