Longtime Desire

I hunger to lay with a black man
and stroke him and suck him off!

3 months ago


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    • Eek! Ook!

    • I still have the same desires too and I have sex with one twice three times a week I'm the bottom can't help it I love it I wouldn't trade it for any other sex and yes I'm a male

    • I like when the negroes go eek! ook! and jump around in the trees! Then they smoke menthols and rape everyone and light the Pep Boys on fire and cash their government checks! Pure pleasure.

    • I do that all the time. With several black men. Pure pleasure.

    • I imagine your wife wouldn't like that, you fricking faggot!!

    • Ignorant, offensive idiot.

    • What is ignorant and offensive? He called him what he is! A faggot!
      What you want to be PC about it? Fuck off asshole! We ain't fucking PC babies like you!
      He is a fucking faggot and thats a fact! Get over it wuss!

    • A fag is still a fag. Nothing more. Always has been. Always will be. And anybody says otherwise IS ONE!!!

    • I guess I prefer being gay over being a small minded bigot.

    • Amen to that!

    • You are an ASSHOLE and I hate gays AND blacks you CROSSDRESSING FAGGOT!

    • Go to a BLM event. My wife went to a small all white high school. She couldn't wait to date black guys in college. She's pretty open minded about everything.
      She went to a lesbian bar a couple times and played strip poker with the ladies once. Lost, LOL She might be bi but never fucked a girl. She'd tell me. Loves big tits at the beach as much as I do. Says it's envy -- but she has firm D cups.

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