Our pre wedding medical, this really happened

This was in 1963, the State or Oregon required a medical exam to issue a wedding license, it's not that way now.
My wife to be Sharon and I went to a doctor in a small coastal town, he was an old guy in his 60's.
They put us in two separate rooms, his nurse told me to undress and put on a cloth robe, so I did.
The Doctor came in and did all the usual tests, then he had me lay down and said he needed a sample. He tugged up my gown, took ahold on my penis with one hand and had a cotton swab with the other, then he wiped the end a little, said that wasn't enough and began to stroke me.
I began to get hard, he said "There we go." and stuck the swab down there just as I orgasmed.
He put the sample in a jar, told me I could get dressed and left.
I sat out in the waiting room for almost an hour waiting for him to finish with Sharon, she finally came out looking very red faced.
We didn't say much on the way home, but finally later I told her what the Doctor did, she told me he did similar to her and spent a long time with his fingers inside, and rubbed her in the same place I do when we are playing.
I guess Doctors could get away with a lot more stuff like that back then.

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