Bred wife

My wife and I had been married for two years and for a year we had been trying to get pregnant. We went to the doctor and the doctor checked my sperm count and it was almost zero. My wife was very upset that she wouldn't ever have a child.
One day riding around in the car, I noticed a rather sleazy looking motel. I pulled in and noticed that there were several guys standing around and I got out of the car. I asked them what was going on and they told me that they were waiting their turn. A guy came out of the nearest room pulling his pants up. Then I noticed that she guys were lined up and the next guy went into the room. The drapes were open and I could see a woman lying on her back on the bed and I watched as the guy got between her legs and started fucking her. After the other four guys also went in and took their turn fucking the girl.
When the last guy came out a man that had been sitting in the corner of the room got on the bed and fucked the woman. The man came out and thanked the guys. They said to call them again if his wife wasn't pregnant. I left and went home thinking about how I could probably get the guys to fuck my wife and get her pregnant.
In bed that night I mentioned to my wife that there was a way for her to have a baby. She agreed and the next day we went back to the motel and the six guys were sitting by the office. I spoke to them and told them that I wanted them to bred my wife. I paid for a room and I told my wife to undress and lay back on the bed. I went to the door and asked the first guy to come in. I sat in a chair in the corner and watched as the first guy fucked my wife and came in her fertile cunt. Then the other five guys took their turns. Their come was just pouring out of my wife as I took off my clothes and got on the bed with her. I quickly entered her and added my come inside her.
We are now waiting to make sure that she got pregnant.

3 months ago


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    • When we first got married we tried for two years to get my wife pregnant. Every month she was crying because she wasn't pregnant. We live in a town house and she ended up fucking the guy next door to us. I found out about it two weeks later. I got over it. 9 months later she had his baby. He was black the baby was light skinned. He moved away. Long story short. We ended up having two more kids together after. And we are still happily married. She's had her tubes tied now . So she won't get pregnant by someone else.

    • Insurance pays for donor sperm and your wife won't get STD or STI from random sex! Plus DNA is done on the sperm to check for genetic defects so you don't end up with a child with birth defects.

    • Hope she got pregnant good wife to do this for you.

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