Medical procedure?

I was 65 and at my Medicare physical, filling out the long list of questions I mentioned some blood spotting that I assumed was nothing serious, but my Doc ordered a colonoscopy, which I kind of didn't want to have done.
I got sent to an out of system physician, since our local medical supp0lier didn't have one of those physicians on staff.
I had to drive all the way to the valley, a 180 mile round trip so my mood was poor.
When I was called in, there sat a tiny little black nurse, she told me to undress and put on a gown, and she sat right there while I did, a surprise. But at age 65, I was long past being bashful.
Then she asked me if I was going to erect during the procedure, which floored me. I told her I doubted it, but she said the Doctor was a little homophobic and did not like that happening so if I needed to relieve myself I should do it now. I hesitated, next she told me she could "assist" if I needed her to.
Next thing I knew she was using both hands to clear my system, I guess that is what to call it. Just a happy ending like in some massage parlors, but this tiny little woman was sure good at it. Now I have been to many Doctors, and been checked by many nurses, in all the years nothing like this happened before or since. I even mentioned it to my regular Doctor, he just looked at me oddly but didn't say anything.

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  • What a bunch of BS from the beginning!

  • If you've ever really had a colonoscopy, after spending the entire night before, shitting your brains out, the last thing on you mind would be sex.

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