Wife and Doctor

When my wife was pregnant with our second child, she wanted to see if she liked a different doctor better than the one who had delivered our first child. The new doctor told me that I could sit in a chair that was facing my wife's feet. The doctor told her to take off her jeans and panties and get her feet in the stirrups. When she put her feet in the stirrups I had a great view between her legs and I watched as the doctor put first one and then three fingers inside my wife checking how far along she was. The doctor looked back at me while he had his fingers inside my wife and smiled at me when he saw that I had an erection. He said that he was done and asked if I wanted to watch him have sex with my wife. My wife said that having his fingers inside her had made her horny and that she was ready for someone to get between her legs. My wife and I had discussed having another man join us for sex but she was concerned that she might get pregnant by someone other than me. But now that she was already pregnant she didn't have that concern any longer. I told the doctor that We both wanted him to have sex with my wife and I watched as her got between her legs and pounded her for about 10 minutes before she orgasmed and he came. When he pulled out I could see his come start leaking out of her. The doctor said that we could have the room for a while and then left. I kissed my wife and asked her if she was okay. She said that it was great to have someone else's dick in her. I put my dick in her and immediately felt how easily I slipped into her. She came almost a quick as I entered her which was good since I couldn't hold back and came quickly. After a few minutes we got dressed and left. My wife continued seeing this doctor and had sex with him until she was eight months pregnant. Some of the time I was able to got to the appointment with her and also had sex with her. Other times I had to work and would try to keep my mind on work while thinking about the doctor having sex with my wife.

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  • I was a Navy Hospital corpsmen. After I got out and had a normal job, I got into a lot of odd talks with my coworkers. One pertinent one was about treating woman. I noticed, in me, that once I saw a woman as (a surgical) patient, I was never attracted to them sexually. One coworker adamantly called BS! He firmly believed no straight male can resist an attractive woman once he examined her lady parts. I stood my ground. He wanted me to prove it. I said I would if I had a suitable volunteer. Several days later he had such a 'volunteer,' his wife. He was positive he had just called my bluff. After work he followed me to my apartment and waited until I got my souped up medical bags. Once I had my stuff, I followed him to his house.

    At his house she sheepishly got naked and climbed on the dining table. HE had insisted she be naked for this. He wanted me naked too. I refused. Him being there made it too gay for me. I treated this as a long form 88 and 93 and did a physical exam. Normally doctors and IDC did those but I had a Navy doctor that taught us all how to do them and had us call on him if we spotted anything we had questions on. If is was interesting enough, he's have us all stop and all come take a look and learn. I explained what I was doing and answered questions as I worked. It was obvious HE wanted her to have a pelvic exam. I had the slides but didn't have the clamp I needed for a pap smear so I skipped that part but did everything else I could remember down there. She had inverted nipples but aside from that she was physically normal. He was positive I was hiding a boner or was gay. It started to get contentious. I wondered how this was going to end.

    She interrupted us and informed me that her man wasn't going to stop until I fucked her. This whole 'contest' was really a ruse to get me to screw her in front of him. They'd both appreciate it if I'd just drop my pants and screw her as he watched. Once he confirmed it, I obliged.

  • So after the baby was born was the Doctor the first to fuck your wife?

  • If you want an open relationship make that clear and it will be better for everyone. If you’re not ready to be in a serious relationship MAKE THAT CLEAR and it will be better for everyone. If you have the urge to cheat why not tell the other person? Why not break up? If you love someone and you know that with all certainty you will not want to be with anyone else. Therefore you won’t cheat.My ex was living a double and sneaky lifestyle that led to our broke up after i hacked his phone through the help of 'hackingloop6@gmail .com', who gained me access to his phone activities and exposed his cheating and lying ass.The lil best u can do is to walk out of the relationship than cheating on them.

  • This is all bullshit, bet you don't even try to defend yourself you strange arsehole

  • Tell us the name of the doctor

  • Welby

  • Dr Who

  • I'm not a doctor, but I played one on TV years ago. I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Kelly Ripa's bearded clam once. Yummy!

  • I fucked Kelly Ripa before she became famous. We went to school together, dated for a bit our Senior year. Fucked her at her moms house after school.

  • Did she let you cum in her pussy?

  • No, I was wearing a condom. Sorry to disappoint, but it was just normal teenage sex.

  • Did you do her mom too?

  • No, her mother wasn't home dipshit.

  • No need to be rude, wanker boy

  • Well why the hell would I fuck her mom? Just a stupid question. Some people on here actually tell the truth, not bullshit lies like others.

  • I looked at her yearbook, I know your name.

  • You don't know shit. Including where your fucking dick is. So shut the fuck up and sit down spuds

  • I’ve told her you posted her name on this site. She’s not happy. Expect a letter.

  • Lol, I don't even have her phone number, and I dated her in highschool. I seriously doubt your dumbass has her number. Shut up troll.

  • Guess your going to find out

  • Shut up faggot troll.

  • Right. Get a clue, fool.

  • Oh yes, I have a good friend who is a gyno and he calls me when he has a couple of foxes coming in for exams. We send his fatass nurse for donuts and I watch from behind a curtain as he probes and pokes. When the fatass nurse returns, she will blow me in broom closet. It's a nice arrangement.

  • What a load of outright bull shit

  • Just thinking the same. People must think everyone is fucking retarded to believe half the shit they post.

  • Did either of you say the same thing to the OP ?

  • Yes, I did. See post below.

  • Bull shit

  • It's a common practice for doctor's to do that with all their attractive female patients.

  • If you weren't a teenager, or if you were even a female, you would know that male doctors are not allowed to examine a female patient without a nurse present. Your fantasy world doesn't exist.

  • I know. It was just a joke. I'm not a teenager either jerky. lol

  • You wasn't joking. Nice try fuck face.

  • When I was 14, in 79, something like this happened. But I have to say this reads like maybe he overheard an older relative telling a story and ran with it. But there is definitely a reason nurses have to be there now. I was in my 20s when I had to see a new doctor and found out the used gloves,

  • Can you relay what you saw or heard back then specifically?

  • You have first hand experience? Do tell your experience with a doctor! :)

  • Yes

  • Mid 70's at a trendy college pub Jill flirts with me. She a rock hard 9.5 (D cup, DD would make her a 10) -- Ask her out, she says how about a Sun drive, I have a BF, would like not to been seen in public. Her BF soon arrives and looks like young Paul Newman. We meet at my place, after the ride and a burger stand we go mack to MP. I have her bra unhooked in 5 minutes. She goes timeout, goes to the bathroom. Figure she'll come back all buttoned up and composed. But she comes back naked, and does a curtsy 'you like' -- and off to bed we go. We fuck twice and a blowjob. She has an overnight bag with work clothes. She tells me she hadn't had sex in 2 months, with a fuck buddy who's deployed in Germany now. BF is totally into BJs,, gets plenty hard then, but not for fucking. 'I was counting on you, you didn't disappoint.' She blamed herself for giving him too many Bjs, sometimes 5 a day. 'i was always way better looking than my BFs, and gave them as a favor, but with handsome Paul -- i just adored sucking his big fat cock.' We go for a 4 day hike on AT. it's hot. 3rd night were at a lean-to. There's 2 other preppy guys who barely walked a mile from car there. there some brief nudity, there's no dressing rooms. our cloths stink and we air them out overnight. guys go to sleep and we have sex, think 1 watched. wake up around 4 to sound of the guys spit roasting Jill. Doesn't look like her 1st rodeo.
    It's pretty hot but I scold her then next day. She says we're not committed and she's only sorry she did it in front of me, hoped i would sleep through. College BF and buddy SP her, she was coaching these guys. Hot as she is, I still dump her.
    Month later she shows up at my place, says she dumped BF and 3 fuck buddies, 'take me back, please, I'll behave.' been calling her wife for 40 years.
    But the video in my head of her SR gets hotter every time I play it.

  • Wakeup son, you just creamed your shorts with that wet dream you just told.

  • No kidding. I could tell right away this story is taken from an xhamster or pornhub video.

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