Marriage medical exam

This story is about when my 1st wife and I were getting married. The State of Oregon required a medical exam, this was in 1962.
My wife to be was 18, I was 19, and at that point we have felt each other up some but that was about it.
It was my first time at any Doctor's office so I had no idea of what to expect. When the nurse, and older lady in her 40's told me to strip naked and put on a gown I know I turned several shades of red.
The Doctor came in, he was very old, he looked in my mouth, my ears, touched me all over, then he got out a little bottle with a Q-tip. He told me to "make some semen" and I didn't know what he meant. "Rub your penis until you get a sample." He ordered, so I did. He stood there and watched, embarrassed, it took a long time, then as I came he got a sample.
Next he told me to get dressed and went into the other room where my wife was. It was a couple of years later, we had shared quite a few naughty things, even a couple of threesomes with another guy. She finally told me that the old doctor made her lie there naked on the exam table while he finder fucked her to orgasm, telling her he was checking to see if her responses were normal.

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  • In junior high I had to get an exam from the doctor to play football. I got naked in the exam room and he made sure to touch and feel me all over, he held and caressed my balls too. I lived every minute of it.

  • Who wast it Joe Paterno from Penn State? Sick fuck. Google his mane and see how many children where abused that way ass hole.

  • What’s sick? I’m not messed up. Some of us knew we were bi early on and enjoyed having an older man touch us.

  • Don't make up fake molesting stories ass hole. Way to many kids have been molested that way and are scarred for life. Fuck head.

  • It’s not made up. I was 13 and I liked it. People start to realize they are gay or bi by then. What’s wrong with exploring it? Nothing

  • Doctors do not fondle children you sick fuck. They don't caress your balls.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • BullShit

  • You are so full of shit. You're probably all of 14 years old, If that.

  • Maybe he was.

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