Adult video place

I was barely 21, one day I was in a major city near where we live, and on a lark I went into one of those adult video places.
They had sex toys, videos, all sorts of things, then I spotted a doorway that had a sign on it saying video booths. I had heard of that but never went into one so why not?
I paid the fee and went back, a couple were in use so I picked a booth next to one.
I was no more that in there and a hard cock came though the hole on one side, that was not my thing so I ignored it.
Then a woman on the other side whispered for me to show my dick, so I dropped my pants and poked though the hole. The hole was big enough I could even get my balls through.
A hand stated stroking me first, then what felt like a wet mouth, man I got an amazing blow job. I came like a race horse, finally withdrew.
When I stepped into the hallway the other door opened, here was a guy about 60 and a woman not much younger.
He looked at me with a huge grin, said, "Thanks! You tasted real nice."
That is when I realized I got sucked off by a guy.

3 months ago

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    • I want your cock in my ass email me

    • I want your cock in my mouth and ass!

    • What the fuck did you expect! I would be more afraid if it was a woman. She would have to be totally fucked with all kinds of diseases to be at a glory hole!

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