Glory hole

I was traveling up north into Maine, Poland Springs area. I found a ABD and thought why not. As I walked in, it was clean and brightly lit. Warm an welcoming, not seedy as some. I saw there was a video arcade and peeked my interest. 6$ admission fee and I set off to select a booth. I took a booth on the end allowing only one shared wall. So only one glory hole. The glory hole was smoothly cut and well traveled by the worn wood on the edges. I looked thru the opening and the fellow in the next booth was standing and was slowly stroking himself. He was naked from the waist down. He glanced over and caught me staring and moved towards the opening. I froze. Through the hole his swollen veiny cock came through. I couldn’t resist. Placing two fingers at the very base of his cock I engulfed his shaft. I started moving my head back and forth. Then he started pumping, I held my head still while he pumped himself into my mouth and beyond. A few moments pasted. His whole body started to quiver, then shake. He erupted in my mouth. And tried to pull away. My fingers pinched down on his shaft and would not let go stroking him as he had stopped moving. I pulled and sucked draining his thick wet manhood. I released my finger hold and he started withdraw making on more plunge into my throat. I had finally done it, sucked and took the seed of a stranger. Scared but so wound up, I wanted another. As he left the booth I wondered how long to wait. It wasn’t but 10 minutes but it felt like hours. I started the process all over of draining, milking to get that man juice out.

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