Perverted encounter pt. two

I went back to see the woman again and she let me in when she saw that it me standin' at her front door. We took a seat right across from each other and she asked me if I wanted to do it again and I said "you mean playin' with ourselves?"
and she said "yeah". I said "okay. it's nice to see you again and I won't tell you what I was thinkin' ".
She laughed and said "I know" after a minute of quiet she said "let's do it but I've never been an
exhibitionist, have you? ". I said "no
I haven't, why?" and she said "I have a dirty idea, let's go outside and walk over to the fence, there's a peep hole we can look through, the neighbor is sometimes in her underwear in the backyard feeding the dog". I said "what are we suppose to do only look?" and she said "if she's out there I'll call her over to the fence and you can put your dick through the lower hole in the fence and I'll distract her and I'll try to get her to step close to the hole so you could try to touch her with your dick". We sat there for a few minutes and she said "last week I heard her talkin' about havin' two holes cut in the fence for her tits to go through so she could get your attention if you're outside over here". She stood and stepped over to me and said "let's do it". She pulled me off of the. couch and we walked outside and waited a minute and the woman next door came out to feed the dog in the backyard. The woman I
was visiting again said to me "get your dick hard, I want to see her reaction". I pulled my pants down a little and she called the woman over to the fence and they started talkin' . A minute later she asked the woman to turn around and show off her pants. The woman turned around and faced both of us again and she looked at me and I heard her say quietly "I know what you want to do". She stepped over to stand in front of me and I put my hard dick through the lower hole of the fence and the woman smiled and said quietly "that's it get it through the hole". I was careful not to make it look like I was tryin' to fuck the fence but after a minute I had my dick through the hole and she kept smilin' . I felt my dick throb and she said "I think I have to scratch my ankle and she bent down and she saw my dick through the hole in the fence and she was bent down for almost a minute but when she stood up straight she smiled and said "are you okay, you're actin' nervous, is it this, I was feelin' the wood of the fence and it felt tight. She said "you put your dick through the hole in the fence to want to fuck me, I bet you couldn't reach my pussy with that short dick". She turned around and went inside her house and the woman standin' next to me said "I thought she would let you through the fence". She walked back inside and I tried to get my dick out of the hole for minute but couldn't so I ended up fuckin' it 'till my dick went down.

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  • Mother fuckin' bastard, what are you callin' bullshit? You son of a bitch.

  • Bullshit

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