Glory hole guy

I have written stories on here before, I live down near Gulf Shores on the coast of Alabama and am retired. I rigged up a glory hole and have a great time playing with men who come sometimes from an hour away just to get a blow job. My main story today has to do with a really large cock that came by a few weeks ago, the man responded to me that he would absolutely love a blow job thru a glory hole because he had never tried it before and was really excited. When i asked him the size of his I figured he was over estimating when he told me it was around ten inches long and wide, he was not joking at all. He slid that thing thru the hole and I was wide eyed as ever just looking at the size of the head on it. He is an african american and the head was so large my mouth stretched over it and I could not open any further as it got hard. I could feel it compressing as I pushed it into my mouth after a few minutes of getting hard. When I wrapped my hand around it I could not close them to my thumb and his balls were huge as well, could not believe it when I saw them. He kept the whole area shaved and he was circumcised so that head was as big as it could be just begging to be sucked.
He started to orgasm and I swallowed all I could but he ejaculated more than any other cock I have sucked, I stroked and stroked on him getting all of it out still amazed at the size of him. I told him to keep my email and let me know when he wanted to come back again because I really loved playing with his cock. He sent me a message yesterday and he is coming by this Thursday, I asked him if he would mind not using the glory hole and just lay back on my couch so I could play with his balls more and he agreed. I cannot wait to pleasure his cock again, what a great time it was the first go around.

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  • Enjoy sucking his big dick, and letting it fill your mouth with cum. This sounds like fun! Have you ever thought about trying anal? I don’t know which I like best now, swallowing a load of cum or feeling it as that big cock pumps it deep inside my ass. The thing about anal is I also enjoy feeling the cum as it leaks out of my later.
    Enjoy your big thick cock and fave fun.

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