Glory hole fun

I have a glory hole set up in my condo which I have already posted a story on here, I had a guy contact me thru my ad and wanted to come by but seemed very skeptical that he was actually going to get a blow job. He showed up about the time we set up and it took him several minutes to believe that this was real, he was hesitating to put his cock thru a hole with the unknown on the other side. I finally told him that if he was completely comfortable with seeing who would be sucking his cock then he could just come into the living room and sit in a chair to get sucked.
He finally slid his cock thru the hole telling me that he wanted to remain anonymous so I took my time with him just licking and stroking him to get him relaxed a bit. He began moaning some and telling me that it felt really great so I sucked him down a few times giving him some great pleasure judging from his moaning. He lasted about five minutes and was panting and grunting as I sucked and sucked, swallowing his cum down and stimulating his throbbing head. He had his torso pressed against the door pretty hard and praising me a lot telling me I was completely awesome, best blow job of his life. If his messages had any truth to them it had been several months since his last blow job so he may have been a little bias.
I stopped sucking on him and watched as his hard cock slid out of the hole then after only a few seconds he asked if I would keep on sucking him for a bit because he would really enjoy another orgasm if I was up for it. I told him sure and his cock came back thru the hole, I gave it a few sucks then told him not to worry I would be right back after getting some water. I surprised as I walked back over that his cock was still sticking thru the hole given his hesitation at the start, I drank up some more water then went back to his cock.
It took quite some time and he seemed very happy with the sucking and stroking but just like before the door was rocking from him pushing on it and I felt his cum shooting into my mouth, his cock was a pretty strong throbbing one and I could feel his head swelling up and relaxing as he had his second orgasm. I continued sucking on him well past it as he gasped and again told me over and over how great it felt, he pulled out and told me thanks. I told him to email me when he wanted to come back again because it was fun, he commented that he would definitely do that then asked how about tomorrow around the same time. I told him to message me before coming over to be sure I am home.
His first visit was about two months ago and I would be willing to bet that I have given him two dozen blow jobs in that time, the first few weeks he was coming by more than the guy who lives in the same building as I do and each time he is very appreciative and cannot believe I do this because I enjoy it.

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  • I would love getting a blow job every day if I could. Especially from someone who knows how to handle it from start to finish.

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