I went to a public toilet the other day and what a surprise I had. I was sat there doing what I had to do and there was a small is amount of loo paper available, there was a square stuck to the partition wall which i just ignored until it started to move. A finger poked the paper and then it fell of to reveal a round hole. I looked at the hole without looking and I could see a tongue. The guy said "Show me your cock"
I was surprised and intrigued so I slowly leant forward and I could see a guy sucking on someone's cock. I was getting aroused by seeing this going on and started to rub my cock as I looked at this guy sucking on a big dick. The guy getting sucked whispered "put your cock through the hole i want to suck it"!
I thought for a second then stood up and put my cock through the hole. First thing I felt was a hand grabbing at my cock which was hard from watching the guy suck the other guys cock. After several strokes of my cock came a wet feeling. I was taking a blow job from some guy I couldn't even see. He sucked me like a pro I have to say, his lips and tongue were going at my rock hard cock and I started to feel I was about to cum. I let out a grunt and without warning I shot my load into some guys mouth on the othdr side of a thin wall. I have been sucked quite a bit in my time but that one was unforgettable. Sat on the toilet when I'd empty. I cleaned myself up and went on with my day with a cock in my pants with cum still leaking out into my pants.

11 months ago

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