My wife is so much fun

We do everything together including looking at porn and reading stories, she makes comments all the time about other women and men. I know how lucky I am to have her as my wife and have never even thought about cheating on her because hell she would probably want a threesome.
I came home the other day and there was an arrow cut from paper on the floor, I looked in the direction it was pointing and saw another arrow. I followed the arrows to a spare bedroom we use as an office but did not see anymore arrows so I walked into the room. The closets in all the spare rooms of our house have two doors that open up and one of the doors had the door knob removed leaving a hole. Above the hole was a sign that read "Put your cock thru the hole"
Well the first problem I ran into was that my legs were not long enough for me to put my cock even up to the hole so my fast thinking brain in my other head looked over at the large books on the shelf. I quickly stacked a few up and had my cock lined up for entry. My cock no sooner slid thru the hole and her warm wet tongue was right on it, I was hard in like ten seconds and luckily for me I was blessed with about a seven inch long one so there was plenty to go thru the hole once I was hard. She sucked on me hard, teased me by licking and even smacked it around some but for about three minutes the pleasure never stopped and with the new experience I came pretty quickly.
I got myself back down off the books and backed up from the doors she pushed one open and asked me how that felt and if I liked the experience. I told her I was super excited when I saw the sign on the door and she laughed when she saw the books on the floor.

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