How many guys have you let squirt in your mouth??

I've sucked a lot of dicks but I can only remember about 4 times when a guy or a tranny actually cam in my mouth. The first time that I remember was in a porno theater in the back room. Guys would go back there and do nasty things. I was back there watching and before I knew it I was sucking this guys dick when suddenly I felt this gooey substance in my mouth. I was hoping it was his cum because I had never tasted cum before and I had always wanted to. So I swallowed it because I had always wanted to do that too. The second time was well, I was in another porno place right down the street from the 1st one where I tasted cum for the 1st time. This place had peep holes in the stalls and you could see what the other person right next to you was doing. I went in a stall and was peeping in the stall next to me and I saw a tranny in there. She had on blue nail polish and shorts. I stuck my finger in the hole and ran my finger around the hole several times. That's the signal that you wanted to suck some dick. After a few seconds she stuck her big dick in the hole and I put it in my mouth. She pushed it in deeper and deeper until I had the whole thing in my mouth. It wasn't long before I felt her warm sticky cum filling my mouth up. It felt good too. The 3rd time was with a tranny friend. She had just arrived home after being out at a club all night. When I got to her house she was getting ready for bed, so I told her I just stopped by for a visit. She got in bed and so did I. I started sucking her dick and soon she exploded in my mouth and quickly fell off to sleep and I left. The 4th time was when I was talking to this sissy on the phone. She finally came over to my house and we got undressed and got in bed. I sucked her dick until she came. It didn't take long. Oh, I almost forgot about the guy I made cum sucking him off in his car. He had a lot of cum and he came fast too. I think that's all.

2 months ago

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    • Only 3. First guy I was 16 and it was after a date he pulled out his dick and it was nothing special but I was horny so I sucked and he exploded in less than a minute. It was salty and nasty so I didn't swallow and just wiped it. He wanted to fuck but I said I didn't need his 3 incher giving me 3 pumps and to be grateful I had just given him head. Broke up right after he took me home.

      2nd guy I was at 17 and at his house then everyone left and we were alone. He almost instantly pulled down his pants and pulled me towards his dick. Again nothing special but this time I got to enjoy his dick for a while before he came in my mouth without warning. This time I drank some of it cause it was tasty but most just drizzled out of my mouth and back on to his cock.

      3rd guy I was 19 and I visited him at work, there was no one else there so I told him to pull it out so I could give him head. He had a very nice cock, sucked him for almost an hour and then exploded out of nowhere! His cum was sweet and salty so I drank all of his cum without question.
      I was a real good for nothing whore with the 3rd guy

    • Tell us more about the 3rd guy

    • First time I sucked a dick I felt hot cum fill my mouth. I've only sucked 4 dicks and I want to suck many more

    • First guy I was with never came. In three different encounters I never saw him cum. Not from sucking, not when I fucked him. It had me thinking I wasn’t good. Second one was a different story. I sucked him dry in maybe two minutes. I hadn’t decided yet if I’d let him cum in my mouth even while I sucked his cock. But when I tasted his pre, the he said the words “I’m gonna go” I didn’t even hesitate. I swallowed down every drop. Second time I was with him, I never tasted any pre, and he never said anything. He totally surprised me and I almost choked. Which was a bit of a turn on itself. I still swallowed every drop. Later he brought a married friend over and I sucked his friend while he fucked me. He was a gorgeous 6” while his friend was 8+. When I tasted the friends pre he suddenly stopped me and just watched as the other guy pumped his seed deep in my ass. Then the married guy mentioned his wife doesn’t do anal. I was scared but told him to take me....gently. I left that day with two guys seed in my ass. Then I went back to my life as a regular straight married family man. I haven’t been with a man in 10 years. I miss it every day

    • I've lost count of how many guys have cum in my mouth. I love sucking cock and I love the taste and feel of a guy unloading as I suck him. I try not to swallow if the guy is a stranger, but I sometimes do anyway.

    • Why suck a cock and do all that work and not swallow I started when I was 13 and I have switched every time.

    • So jealous!! I’ve always wanted to suck a beautiful trans girls penis and have her shoot a hot load of cum I’m my mouth! I’d love to have her slide it in me. The thought of a hard slick girl cock gliding in and out of my ass is one of my top fantasy’s!!

    • I was a littler kid who was groomed by another boy who was way older and a cross dresser. He'd treat me like his little sister and play dress up with me, funding me more times than I can count.

    • I can only dream

    • I have had 225 guys do it, many of them multiple times. There are way too many to give any details on.

    • P.S. I sucked off and swallowed two today alone.

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