How many guys have you let squirt in your mouth??

I've sucked a lot of dicks but I can only remember about 4 times when a guy or a tranny actually cam in my mouth. The first time that I remember was in a porno theater in the back room. Guys would go back there and do nasty things. I was back there watching and before I knew it I was sucking this guys dick when suddenly I felt this gooey substance in my mouth. I was hoping it was his cum because I had never tasted cum before and I had always wanted to. So I swallowed it because I had always wanted to do that too. The second time was well, I was in another porno place right down the street from the 1st one where I tasted cum for the 1st time. This place had peep holes in the stalls and you could see what the other person right next to you was doing. I went in a stall and was peeping in the stall next to me and I saw a tranny in there. She had on blue nail polish and shorts. I stuck my finger in the hole and ran my finger around the hole several times. That's the signal that you wanted to suck some dick. After a few seconds she stuck her big dick in the hole and I put it in my mouth. She pushed it in deeper and deeper until I had the whole thing in my mouth. It wasn't long before I felt her warm sticky cum filling my mouth up. It felt good too. The 3rd time was with a tranny friend. She had just arrived home after being out at a club all night. When I got to her house she was getting ready for bed, so I told her I just stopped by for a visit. She got in bed and so did I. I started sucking her dick and soon she exploded in my mouth and quickly fell off to sleep and I left. The 4th time was when I was talking to this sissy on the phone. She finally came over to my house and we got undressed and got in bed. I sucked her dick until she came. It didn't take long. Oh, I almost forgot about the guy I made cum sucking him off in his car. He had a lot of cum and he came fast too. I think that's all.

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • None and ain't gonna start!

  • Why suck a cock and do all that work and not swallow I started when I was 13 and I have switched every time.

  • So jealous!! I’ve always wanted to suck a beautiful trans girls penis and have her shoot a hot load of cum I’m my mouth! I’d love to have her slide it in me. The thought of a hard slick girl cock gliding in and out of my ass is one of my top fantasy’s!!

  • I was a littler kid who was groomed by another boy who was way older and a cross dresser. He'd treat me like his little sister and play dress up with me, funding me more times than I can count.

  • I can only dream

  • I have had 225 guys do it, many of them multiple times. There are way too many to give any details on.

  • P.S. I sucked off and swallowed two today alone.

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