Ever since I could remember I’ve had a fascination with soap. I remember as a kid wanting to be the one to unwrap the new bar of soap for the shower and be the first one to use it. The smell, the fresh feel of the name engraved in the bar on my skin and the large size in my hands got my excited every time. I wanted to try every brand and variety of bar soap I could. When puberty hit and I started masturbating I began fantasizing about having my mouth washed out with soap. It was something I’d never experienced as a kid (I was pretty well behaved) and I began looking up stories online while experimenting with washing out my own mouth. This self punishment continued into my twenties when I gathered the courage and went to a professional dominatrix for the first time. After a period of getting to know one another and her learning what I like she was soon scrubbing my mouth out like a pro on a regular basis. Sadly she ended up moving and I ended up spending the next few years self soaping again. Eventually I met my now girlfriend and after confessing to her my fantasies she began washing out my mouth as part of sex.
Many times while sharing a shower I find myself sitting on the shower floor furiously beating my meat as she scrubs my mouth with a well lathered bar of soap while her free hand grasps me firmly by my hair.
It’s my favorite way of getting off.

3 months ago

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