Ex Wife Got Hotter

I decided to pay a visit to my ex wife to see how she looked and aged after years of divorce and not seeing each other. She was surprised to see me. She really wasn't properly dressed. She let me into her apartment dressed only in her loose nightgown. "It's been years since we got together. " she said while pouring me a cup of coffee. Her tits lost their shape. They really hung low and swayed behind her gown. Her tits was the reason I married her. Loved her long saggy tits. I really got turned on playing with her tits. I hit the age of seventy and I suddenly realized that she must be seventy-eight now. We divorced because she didn't care for some of the sexual ideas I had and wanted her to do.
She told me she was going to shower and for me to feel at home and help myself to the goodies and coffee in the kitchen. I couldn't resist from peeking in on her while she showered. She saw me at the doorway, and tells me to come on in and do her back. "Remember how we showered together and got sexually turned on when we was young. You loved my tits. " she jokingly smiled. "To tell you the truth, I think because we're old, your tits can get me going without using pills and that hairy snatch hasn't changed. " I told her as I undressed exposing my stiffness and stepped in with her. She reached behind her with a soap bar in her hand and slid the bar across my stiffness while I slid the soap bar across her tits and rubbed it hard on her still dark hair snatch.
She got a couple of towels out of the closet and we started to dry off each other. To my surprise she went down with her towel drying my dick and started giving me a blow job. She never wanted to do oral while we was married. She was doing a great job on sucking my dick. She even wrapped her tits around my cock and said "Fuck them like you use to do when we was young." She kept sucking on my dick as I banged her tits, I took a chance in fucking her mouth. I held her head as I fuck her mouth. She never wanted to do oral sex play.
She suggested we continue on the bed. She didn't push me away when I placed my mouth on her snatch to eat her out. She never gave me her snatch to eat when married. She pulled out a rubber penis out of the nightstand placed it between her tits and sucked it while I ate her pussy.
She became the slut I always wanted when we was married.

1 month ago

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