Friendly Campers Or Friendly Swingers

After all the years gone by and retired now I must confess I don't regret having very close friends like Carol and Bob. We still all like to camp and swap partners. It kept our marriage fun and wonderful. We connected with Carol and Bob one holiday weekend at a state park campsite. We enjoyed them and they enjoyed our company. They didn't live that far away from us. We started to do social activities together and always booked campsites next to each other. One night Carol and I went to the campsite showers. I noticed her breast was big and saggy like mine but her veins showed. I joked with her saying saying my husband would enjoy her tits and she said her husband would enjoy mine and she wouldn't mind seeing my husband's penis and admitted that her husband wanted to them to wife swap with us. I wanted to tell Carol that my husband been trying to convince me in wife swapping, but didn't.
We conversed to one one another while in the shower stall. Suddenly Carol came into my stall grinning and said, "I'll soap you up if you desire to soap me up and feel each other's breasts like we discussed just a little while ago. " We began running our hands with the soap bar over each other and smacking each other's tit's. "My husband does that a lot to my breasts. " She told me her husband does the same to her and to my surprise she really was getting a bit over active with me. She began to really soap up hairy kitty and fingering me. I didn't want to admit I was turned on, and couldn't resist placing my mouth on her mouth." Let's pretend that our husbands convinced us into a swap." Carole said with a smile.
Carole and I began to phone each other talking about our husbands. We all agreed to a special camp out weekend. Carole spent the night with my husband in our camper. I spent the night with her husband in their camper.
Carole and I planned a shopping weekend. We rented a motel room. She and I showered. The boys was back from bar hoping and caught us naked. Each of our husbands pushed the other's wife on the bed and began tit fucking us while Carole and I squeezed our breast together.
We all started going to swing clubs together and went to camping swingers resort. All that sexual activity phased out as we got older. The only enjoyment we have is doing each other's partner and bi-sexual acts.

1 month ago

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    • Where is this campground

    • It's not uncommon to have couples who swap only with eachother for long periods of time. My wife and I have been swingers with a couple for 20 plus years now. When we bought our house, the neighbors were very welcoming and inviting us over for dinner after being exhausted from unpacking all day. After dinner, he opened a bottle of wine for the ladies while we drank some scotch. There may have been a few other substances inhaled that night, and we all got a little crazy. I was a little wonky but I remember watching my wife take his dick out and start sucking it while his wife stood by and encouraged her. Next thing I remember was watching his wife slide down on me. I looked over next to me and saw my wife riding him. The next day after we sobered up, we realized neither of us were mad, and thought it was fun. This started a 20 plus year swinging sex relationship with our neighbors that last to this day. Neither us nor them do it with anyone else. Every so often though, we get together and have sex in the same room while swapping wives.

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