Shower time

Im 18 and sensed that come shower time an attendant kept looking down at my cock,he`s a nice guy older and married,At first it was embarrassing but then i got a strange kick out of it and would soap it up and it would go semi hard,After a few more visits i started making sure i was last and dry my hair with my cock bouncing around and sure enough he kept looking down at it while getting ready to lock up .I have a girlfriend, so why i allowed it ill never know but i stood over him pushing my cock in and out of his mouth and allowed him to hold and suck it .it was such a weird sence of power and my cock was hard and in his mouth as far as i could get it and he was pulling at my arse till id come and pulled out feeling rather guilty .

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  • You are obviously queer, or you would not allow a man to suck your cock. For the sake of your girlfriend, you need to break-up with her, before you get the Aids in your butt and infect her with your abominable disease.

  • Attendant stares at my cock and I'll kick his bag in a New York second.

  • Now, now your just making this up (telling lies) Buddy just have your little wank while reading other post's OK ?

  • WHAT? I guy blowing another guy at a gym or shower happens all the time, why do you think this is a lie?

  • Well it is I am certain

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