I think I have a bath soap sexual fetish

I honestly think I have a fetish regarding bath Soap. I get sexually aroused just smelling bath soap on my wives skin. We can be out to dinner and I kiss her hand or arm and if she has a strong aroma of soap on her skin I am instantly aroused and want sex and it is all i can think about until we actually get home from dinner or anywhere we are at for that matter.

I remember back in High School, when a decent looking girl cam into class and sat down next to me smelling like she just got out of the shower with such a strong aroma of soap on her, I was instantly distracted and wanted to have sex with her even though I had never thought about her like this before.

Is anyone else like this?

9 months ago

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    • I had a friend that told me when his sister was constipated her mom would put a piece of soap up her ass. Some people

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