My Mouthsoaping Fetish

Ever since I was little I've had a bizarre fascination/obsession with having my mouth washed out with soap as a punishment. The humiliating feeling it causes is unrivaled, and has become a staple in my sexual experience. It started as a traumatic event when my mother did it to me after cursing at her at a young age. She shoved me into the bathroom and held me down as she rammed the bar in and out of my mouth until I was sobbing and gurgling at her to stop. At the time and for many years to come I was scarred from it, unable to even be in the same room as her if we were watching "A Christmas Story" but once I hit puberty it evolved into a full blown fetish. I started doing it to myself in secret during baths and showers, and throughout high school I would often sneak off to the lesser used bathrooms and indulge there, sometimes completely covering my face and mouth with a thick layer of the foamy pump soap. The taboo thrill of potentially being caught at any moment in such a compromising position set me over the edge every time but (un)fortunately that never happened. I've admitted my kink to several female friends in the past and some understood and even tease-threatened to do it, but I've only ever had one friend do it to me in real life. She was kinky in nature as well so it was quite the sight to behold as she had me on my knees in a park bathroom gagging on her soapy fingers, all the while teasing me for being so weird.
I'd like to experience this more in real life but given the fact it's such a specific and peculiar fetish to have, it's become ever increasingly hard to bring up, let alone ask friends or partners to initiate. I miss high school. XD

I guess my question is, what is the general consensus on this kink? How would you react if someone brought it up to you or even flat out asked for you to do it to them? Thanks for feedback.

1 month ago

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