Aunties bathtime.

Aged 11, I frequently visited my aunt, uncle and two cousins at the weekends. Saturday nights were bathnight both for me and my cousins. Cousins were bathed first by auntie then I was next. Uncle was out with his friends so auntie was left with us. She put my two cousins to bed who were younger than me. I was sitting watching TV when she walked in and told me to stand up and get undressed in the living room. I stripped off everything and stood naked in front of her.Being 11 going on to 12 I had a fair size c*** which she said would make some girl very happy.

Into the bath I went and sat down. Auntie proceeded to wash my hair and body with a soapy sponge, She started to wash my genital area slowly and I started to feel embarrassed but content at her doing so. The more she washed my c*** the more excited I got achieving an erection. She told me to stand up so that she could rinse my hair and body of soap and shampoo. I was trying to hid my erection from her but she said no use hiding your lovely c*** from me as she took hold of it in her hand. She started to masturbate me and asked if I had ever done it to myself. I said no, so we have a virgin do we she said. Things were getting heated in that auntie took my c*** in her mouth and gave me a good working over.

I was about to ejaculate she said to me as she could feel it and I said to her that it was happening as it tickled like mad. She said let it happen and I emptied all of it in her mouth and she said lovely hot semen and swallowed it. I was really embarrassed by what took place, and she said that was nice and she washed my cock again. She told me not tell anyone about our secret and I could look forward to doing it again when I next visited.


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    It is illegal to write and post pedophilia! Describing sex as a minor is pedophilia sick fuck.
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  • Not always

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  • You can kill me in bed

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