New friend

Just before I got married I did some garden work for neighbor's down the street to earn extra money. As i worked in the flower garden their son about my age came out to lay by the pool,no one else was home at the time.
He knew I was there and stripped nude and lay in a lounge chair working on his tan.
I couldn't help looking when I had the chance because he had a very large penis and it was turning me on.
I knew him so we weren't strangers and he knew my wife to be as well.
It was a hot day and it looked like he was sipping a mixed drink of some kind.
At one point he asked me to put lotion on his back which i did.
I was about done with my chores when he got up to go in the house and the first thing i noticed was his penis was almost hard,then he stumbled and wobbled and next thing I knew he was flat on his back so I rushed over and checked him. His eyes were closed and i realized he had fainted probably from the heat and the drink.
The first thing i did was to drag him into the shade on the grass then began to put cool water on his face until he finally opened his eyes and asked what happened. I told him he fainted and should stay laying down for a bit.
We talked and his penis got even bigger which excited me and I began to put cool water on his chest then moved down to his hard cock.
Soon i was sucking him then he suggested we go to his room so he got up but almost fainted again.
Once in his room he asked me to take off my clothes which i did with his help and soon he was sucking me. We ended up in a 69 position giving each other blow jobs until we both climaxed and swallowed each others cum.
After that we met often until i finally got married

4 months ago

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