My sisters friend

When I was 11 I was shy while my sister was more out spoken she had a lot of school friends girls and they used to meet at our house every Friday night. When they started to turn up I used to go up to my bedroom to be out of their way.
There was one friend who was always nice to me, always talked to me and always used to shout up to say bye when they went home. At that time us kids did not have TV's, record players or radios in our room it was either read a book or just lay on the bed doing nothing.
I was never a big book reader so if I did not have school homework to do it became boring.
One Friday night I noticed someone coming upstairs, I thought she was going to use the toilet but no, I could see through out large keyhole it was (I will call her N) she was looking through the keyhole but said nothing.
I pretended that I did not know she was there and pulled my blankets over like it looked that I was going to bed. A quick glance and I knew she was still there, I slowly removed my shirt and vest and put them tidily on my chair. I then removed my shoes and socks and put them close to the chair. My trousers was next and as I removed them I noticed I was getting an erection in my underpants, I took extra time to fold my trousers and put them on the chair. I could feel my body shaking. I stood in the room just in my underpants rubbing mu erection in the hope that "N" would see me. I then heard her going down stairs I was sure that her had seen me and the movement in my underpants.
I spent all Saturday and Sunday worrying that she may say something to her class mates. She was in a class above me 1 year older. When I saw her I was not sure what would happen as she past he just said good morning and nothing more. My face must have been red I was glad that things went past so quick.
When Friday night came and before my sisters friends came over I said to her, I have loads of homework to go so I'm going upstairs. I could not get upstairs quick enough.
as soon as I was in my bedroom I took no time to lock the door and remove the key so that you could see both ways.
I removed my school clothes and put them on the chair. I got some clean underpants and put them on I just lay on my bed waiting for the girls to knocked the door and hoping that "N" would spy through my keyhole. They all were there and I could hear "N" voice. I must have spend over an hour pacing back and fro the key hole before I knew that she was climbing the stairs. Once again my cock had a massive erection and was very close to showing over my underpants.
I stood close to the door so that "N" would see my boner. I could see that see was looking through the keyhole. I could feel a sticky goo in my pants and decided to put my pants down This I did and my erection exploded and spurted all over the place by dick was throbbing like there was no tomorrow I could see that "N" was still looking through the keyhole. I moved my clothes from the chair to my bed and put the chair where we could both see each other, I sat on it playing with my dick and enjoying every second. there was a whisper from the other side "Bye David hope to see you soon"
A few weeks later "N" asked if I could help he with her science homework I of course agreed.
2 year later our family moved and I lost all touch of "N".

over 50 years gone and in a local store I heard a voice say " Hi David long time, no see" it was "N" I took a long look at her and whispered into her hear "God "N" you still give me a boner" the good thing was she had. That was the last time I saw her. I suppose I can live in hope.

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