Shamale surprise

Two months after my wife and I split up in the March of this year, two of my friends arranged and paid for a prostitute to visit me at my home.
They said it was to cheer me up. The girl, Crystal, was twenty six years old, slim, brunette and very pretty.
After a couple of drinks and knowing I had all night, we began to kiss, then Crystal had me licking and sucking on her gorgeous breasts. She moved on to sucking on my cock, and once my cock was pulsating in her mouth, she asked me to close my eyes.
When I opened them, I looked straight ahead at the beautiful young woman and her huge cock.
Crystal is a shemale. A stunningly gorgeous shemale, but a male all the same.
I can tell you now, it didn't matter to me one bit.
Telling me to open my mouth, I let Crystal put her large cock in my mouth and I gave my first ever blow job.
With both of us fully erect, I lead my gorgeous shemale upstairs and into my bedroom.
Over the next few hours, I learned the delights of fucking a stunning shemale and also experienced for the first time in my life, being fucked myself.
It was such an amazing experience, I was able to fuck Crystal four times before she left after showering and breakfast the following day.
Later that day my friends asked me how my night had gone.
It turns out B who booked Crystal, thought he'd booked a genuine female prostitute and not a shemale beauty.
But then B has never been good with technology.
I've never put both of my friends in the picture about Crystal, and since then I've enjoyed her company on more than a number of occasions.
Recently Crystal visited during the day, and the visit was a non business arrangement. We sucked and fucked as lovers, and not as me as a client.
It was such a different sexual experience, I found myself doing many gay acts I'd not tried before, and before she took a taxi home we promised from then on, I would no longer treat her as a prostitute, but a friend and lover.
It may mean me 'coming out', but then I'm no longer bothered what people think. After all if my friends are truly friends, they'll understand and accept my new life.

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  • Thank you for your comment, and your honesty. It's true there were risks involved, yet at first we only had sex with the use of condoms.
    Since Crystal has been calling by, and might I add, soon to be moving in with me, we've attended a clinic together and both gotten the all clear.

  • I am a she-male and I love your story. However, you are taking a huge health risk if she is a prostitute!!!

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