Pregnant fetish

I've known for a while that I'm VERY attracted to pregnant women. I do watch them in porn, and once I even briefly dated a pregnant woman (long story). Most intense orgasms I've ever experienced. When my sister announced her pregnancy I thought it wouldn't be a very big deal. I was wrong.
Of course I would never tell her or act on it, but I've been obsessed with her pregnant body for months. I can't resist the urges to jerk off and fantasize about fucking her and sucking on her lactating breats while I cum inside her, but I feel terrible afterwards. I can't tell anyone about this, so at least I can write it here.


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  • This site is good for letting out feelings that you can't normally share. Some women become very sexual when pregnant and with hormones all over the place you might just stand a chance.

  • My wife is pregnant now. I would love for you to come over and make love to her while I watch. The idea of a strange cock sliding deep inside of her drives me wild with desire. Want to fuck her? She is lactating right now as this is our second child close together. I was on top of her fucking her and her breast were leaking and dripping lots of milk. She squirted it right in my mouth as I plowed the pussy. Pregnant women are the best.

  • Is your sister with the father of the baby?

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