My first time

A guy i knew from high school joined the same gym as I did and we got together again. He was always a dominant sort and I was a bit submissive but we still became friends,both of us married now.
We had a little history in school,he once knocked me out in a fight over a girl and another time at a party shortly after i was married we did some backyard boxing and again he knocked me out,this time in front of my new wife,somewhat embarressing.
Some years passed then we met up again,this time at the same gym.
He was now married also and we got together as a couple's on occasion.
Now here I have to admit I was sort of sexually attracted to him,maybe because I was something of a submissive and he so dominant,also I had seen him nude in school and the gym and he was quite hung,pretty sure my wife was aware of that too.
So one evening at the gym late,no one else there except the manager in his office we are together finishing our workout then went to the dressing room to shower and change.
After our shower while toweling off he came up next to me asking to borrow something,deoderant or whatever and was very close to me,then i noticed he had a part erection. I began to get nervous then he put his hand on my penis which gave me a hard erection,kissed me and asked if i remember when in school he knocked me out,then again at the backyard party.
I stammered "yes' then he said he was pretty sure it turned my wife on to see me laid out cold,then laughed.
I knew what he wanted but was so frightened and nervous but still wanted to give him what he wanted,he then kissed me again and I fainted.
When I woke up i was on the massage table,nude and hard,he was stroking me. Then I got off ,went to my knee's and sucked him dry,my first time giving a blow job.
I totally enjoyed it and we did it many times after

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