I Spanked my Best Friend

This is probably the weirdest awkwardest moments in my life, and it all started at her house. Just so you know, I wasn't doing the best in the moment of my life, my parents got a divorce, school was being exceptionally challenging, and I was dealing with the loss of my grandparents, and I am truly a little sorry. Me and my friend, lets call her Bianca, were working on a physics project that includes a 5 page essay on how gravity works and other crap, and a presentation board that helps explain so. So, I was pretty time consuming and frustrating, you know? Anyway, I was having a bad day. Buried in work and stuff like that, and Bianca was not doing anything that was physics related, that made me kinda angry... So I said, dude are you going to help or what, and I think she said something like, you worry about you helping. don't bother me. I was in no mood to take sass today, but I let it go bc we are both *ss*oles and besties to each other, it's kinda like our dynamic. However, the state our project was in I needed 100% concentration from both ends. So I threw my sweater at her and told her to focus at the task at hand. But she wasn't having and smack me in the back of my head and called me a *itch. I was about to erupt, but I was patient and just pushed her, but she retaliated back, and she pushed me so hard that I fell backwards and knocked my computer off her desk, it was minimal damage, but she taunted me. That's where I lost it. I got up and grabbed her, almost tackled her, she fought and said let go of me you *sshole and other stiff like that like I was joking. I was too blinded by rage to care if her parents were here or not (which they weren't). I grabbed her wrist, sat down on her chair, and pulled her over my knee. When ever I acted up, my mother would beat me, so I guess this came as an instinct. Bianca quickly realized I wasn't joking anymore and started fighting. She asked, what are you doing, what is this let me go, but I was deafened by my rage and proceed to pull her athletic shorts down. My anger didn't seem to stop me from blushing though... Then she was like, what are you DOING, y-you pervert, what if my dad walks in?!. But, I continued to ignore her. I then i said you want to hit, then I'll hit you right back. I started to spank her. I don't remember how, but i do remember having to pin her legs down. She wasn't loud but she did fight and beg for a bit, until she just gave in and started begging for me to stop. I did stop but only to remove her panties and grab her hair brush and she was getting a little wet too. I only started to slow down when i saw that she was truly sorry and started to cry a little. I was furious but I still had enough warmth in my heart to finish early for her. I said i'd end the spanking after 20 more swat but she would have to count each one, and if she skipped or missed one I would restart. I restarted at least 3 times. But only when I lifted her off my lap and saw her face, I got control of my feelings. I couldn't believe i had actually done that to her. It hurt a lot to see her like this but at the same time it was kinda of relieving (and fun). After it was over, it was the most awkward silence ever, but at the same time I felt closer to her. All I could do was hug her and apologize. The next day, it was a little awkward but she apologized to me about how she acted that day. and just she couldn't sit down at lunch, and we laughed about it. And I jokingly said I would do it again if she acted up. It felt good to finally get this off my chest.

4 months ago

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