Alone at night

I was sitting alone one night and I heard a tap on my window,it was the woman across the street I didn't have my pants on and I saw her out of the corner of my eye after a few minutes I heard a whine,it was her saying that she needed my dick in her when I heard her whine and cry outside of my window I got an erection, I know she saw my hard dick so I waited for a few minutes, I stepped in to the next room and a minute after that she let herself in and found me,when she found me she said"oh baby I thought I needed your hard dick inside me but I don't now, I want to suck it" she got on her knees in front of me and she sucked my dick too hard for an hour,when she finished after getting a mouthful of my gism she swallowed and said"that was good wasn't it,that's all you need"



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  • This was written by some adolescent virgin.

  • That is the worst thing to call me

  • Even though I know this story is fake as fuck, I really wish women like us could have the courage to do such thing. Maybe one day I’ll have the courage to simply go to the guys next door and ask them to fuck me when I have the need. If they want, they’ll give it to me. If not, I would leave. Civilized and all.

  • An euch alle der kommentar ist das fick deine mütter

  • Describe your self honey and I'll let you know where I am

  • Civilized isn't everyone,yes ? love the comment I'm feeling much better thanks

  • Come on d'arlin' we'll do it

  • I'm pretty sure you could.Unless you were ugly as fuck.

  • Fick deine mütter

  • Ugly has nothing to do with alone time all men or most only look for beauty I ask myself why?

  • They could if they wanted to got that

  • Wow this happens to me all the time

  • Motherfuck your mother

  • You are a liar I know but look how many people live out of the way a little ways maybe she's a little bit crazy and she saw that she could do the easier thing to do for him

  • These recent comments are about the ones that don't like the posts,these past few recent comments are

  • Maybe she came to his place for some time alone and that was all maybe he did make it up a little

  • Did you ever think women don't get tired

  • Maybe she changed her mind about the sex

  • Hey buddy you certainly have a fertile imagination.

  • Let me correct me for a moment to the person that said fertile imagination I say this your mother is fertile and gets fucked by black men and stays pregnant

  • Fuckin' motherfuck your mothers all of you

  • Fertile no on the word your mother isn't

  • HAHAHA, bet her name is Raven..... tap tap tapping at your chamber door LOL!!! Get out a little more.

  • Raven really I hope a horse (if you're a guy) bites your dick off this comment is for the person that said about the raven

  • Your mother's a whore I know

  • No you don't believe me

  • It could happen

  • Lol... I didn’t even finish reading

  • Don't read again s.o.b this comment is for the lol didn't finish reading person

  • I fucked your mother

  • Choke on a donkey lol comment

  • Olen kunnossa is me you suck a donkey you b*stard

  • And woke up?

  • The comments about you raped your mother are for the persons that posted comments over two weeks ago

  • No,you fucked your mother thenyou raped her over and over (for above comment)

  • Here's a dream for you kill yourself

  • (for two comments up)

  • Horrible story

  • I am commenting about the rest of you

  • Come on do you really expect anyone to believe this crap ?

  • I hate all of you I do everyone that posted comments over two weeks ago

  • Me again I'm sorry and I'm hurt by these comments

  • I was hurt but now I'm not

  • Attack me with your comments I will not lie down and die because of the rest of you

  • So today is okay thank you all for the comments I would like to tell all of you this don't comment anymore or do I don't care now

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