Nastiest crackwhore ever

I think I fucked the nastiest crackwhore on the planet last night. I was walking home from the bar I frequent, just down the street from my apartment. I wasn't out to get laid, as I have a steady girlfriend, and also I have a nasty Herpes outbreak on the shaft of my cock, which I usually get every couple of months. It is very painful and is all festered up with yellow pus oozing all out of it, so the last thing on my mind was getting laid, untill it heals up in a week or so.
So, anyway, as I left the bar, this skanky looking toothless street whore walks up to me and asks me if I'm looking for a date. I told her no, and kept on walking. She started walking alongside me. She grabbed my arm and said she really needed a date and would do anything I wanted for $20. I didn't want to be rude, but she smelled pretty bad and looked even worse. I told her that I had a steady girl and didn't fuck around on her, then she said that she would do things my girl had never even thought of doing. Again, I told her no, but she was not going to take no for an answer. She pulled me into an alley behind a dumpster and started rubbing my pecker through my jeans. I told her no, then I told her that I had a Herpes sore on my cock. She said that that was no problem, then told me to let her see it. I was pretty drunk, so I figured what the Hell, and I whipped out my nasty looking pecker. She looked at it with a small flashlight she had in her purse and asked me if it hurts bad. I told her yes, then she pulled a tube of Oragel, that has benzocaine in it too numb up toothaches. She rubbed a little on my pecker and after a few seconds of burning, it totally took away the pain of my herpes lesion. I thanked her and told her that it felt way better. She said it's an old trick whores use when their Herpes is flared up and they have to work. She then, surprisingly, grabbed my cock and took it into her mouth. I immediately got hard watching her suck my nasty cock. Then she stopped, after about a minute or so, and told me I could do her bareback in the pussy or ass, if I wanted. I said okay, then she pulled down her pants and bent over, leaning against the dumpster. I wasn't sure if it was the dumpster or her that smelled like rotting fish on a hot summers day, as I fucked her hard in the ass hole, but I blew my load inside her in leass than two minutes. I pulled up my pants, handed her a twenty dollar bill, then headed home, thinking what a nasty fucking whore.

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  • You should have pulled her hair and called her “slutty Essex model Natalya” as you shot your cum up her tight whore ass!

  • Stay away from hookers who do crack. I got herpes too from one of them and they will do anything for money. They think of offering their bodies as like being an ATM.

  • Now you have aids

  • It's amazing you even have a GF so don't fuck it up dude

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