While she sleeps

Married 46 yr old male. Libidos very different and I’m very late to sexual exploration and pleasure. Grew us southern baptist etc. So I’ve recently began feeling badly about watching so much porn in the mornings and gm jerking off. Recently I’ve started snuggling with my wife naked and wait till my dick gets hard. Then ease out of bed and jerk off to her. I’ve also gotten very close to her face and done it. I want to CIM on her ass so bad. She’d freak out if she caught me but I’m sick of being told no. I think what I’m doing is a better option than porn. I also visit massage parlors and get handjkbs which I love. Could honestly go daily. Never cheated on her other than the massage parlors which is just a handjob. Thoughts suggestions?

5 months ago

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    • Put her to deep sleep with sleeping pill and then while she is sleeping on her side apply some lube into her anus and lube your cock well. Push your dick slowly into her anal hole. Once passed her sphincter wait for some time ... then go ahead further. With cock buried well into her anus lie there till she wakes up. She will enjoy, no doubt, after that.

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