Like a machine

Did a terrible thing but enjoyed it was much, 17 months ago my boyfriend invited his army friend to stay, he said it wouldn’t be for long.
2 months later and he was still living with us, I tried to talk to my boyfriend but he just made more excuses.
I took a day off work and I was in a bad mood because he was there, he could see I was pissed off and said I needed to chill, this made my blood boil and I told him, you’re a pain in the ass why don’t you move on, he said I take it you not getting any, I said how is that possible when you are always here, he said I can help out if you want, might chill you out.
We both avoided each other for a few hours and then he apologised and said he should look at moving on.
Next day, I’m moving on and will be leaving tomorrow so let’s have drinks tonight, my boyfriend said he can’t he was covering a shift at work because of short staff.
I was happy he was leaving tomorrow so joined him for a drink and I got pretty wasted, I was in a really good mood next I’m kissing him and we had sex, it was the roughest sex I’ve ever had, being that he is so strong he picked me up and held me while fucking me so hard, he didn’t stop, he was like a machine, I could hardly walk the next day and I cum so many times.
That’s a secret I will take to the grave.

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  • I don't get it you didn't´t like him but then you kissed him and fucked him?
    do feel bad for your bf?

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • My husband used to have one of his buddies stay with us as well, he didn’t like to stay at the barracks. Anthony was a certified asshole, rude and obnoxious. Needless to say I gave it up to him as well, hubby used to spend days or weeks in the field, I needed attention. He treated me like a dirty whore, he loved taking the condom off to finish inside me, sometimes he wanted frank to catch us. This mofo even spiked Franks drink, and we fucked in our bed while frank was sleeping. It’s been 12 years since Anthony, and I still haven’t had sex like I did with him, nor an orgasm like I did with him. I couldn’t stand him, but the sex was amazing

  • Admit it you were craving his cock ever since he arrived, you want a lot more now don't you, you need to hear it "your a slut"

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