How do you say no.

When my husband and I were fairly newly married we got wild and crazy one night and had a three way with his best friend who to this day comes over at least once a week...No not for that, He is married with kids now. But, My husband and I went on a road trip to pick up a new puppy and stayed overnight in a town 6 hours from home.
We went out for supper and then some drinks and while at a local club a girl came up and started flirting, I wasn't real sure who she was flirting with, Me or my husband but she was very obviously flirting kind of with both of us than after a bit left our table. I looked at my husband and he was staring as she walked away then looked at me and said "What was that?", I shrugged and said "I think she likes you", He shrugged and said "I think she likes you" and we laughed, We were discussing heading back to the room since we had to get our new puppy in the morning and just then she came back to the table.
Ok, I don't know any other way to say it except...She was black, A very pretty, I would say late 20's to early 30's black girl, I am a straight woman, Never even questioned that but she was attractive, I am comfortable enough in my sexuality that I can say she was attractive and well built. My husband I know for a fact has always had a thing for black girls, His search history is no stranger to black girls and I sat and watched as she openly flirted with him, then out of the blue she flipped the switch and started flirting with me, She had a hand on my knee, Telling me how beautiful I am and what a sexy couple we are.
So, If you had a chance to give your man the one thing he has always wanted, Not that he has or would ever ask for but the thing you know would be number one on his bucket list and he is the one who has made your life perfect, never wavered, Never caused you pain, Never even flinched at giving you everything you have ever wanted in life would you do it? I did.
I have to say it was better than I thought it would be...Some parts, some parts were basically what I expected, Going down on a girl...Not my thing but I knew it would be the one thing he would want to see so I did it for 2-3 minutes, Sounds like an eternity but it wasn't terrible just not for me, Having a girl go down on you, Yeah, It's...Different than a guy for sure, Super different but a good different, Watching your husband put his penis in another woman, Uuuhhh....I still am not sure, I literally grabbed his shaft and watched every inch slide in, I held her hips while she rode him, I got on all four's on top of her and had a close up as we licked each other while he did her, She was ALL over me when it was me and him.
I was on top of her the first time she came and I will say being face to face with another beautiful girl pinching and sucking her pitch black nips and watching up close as she comes is an...Experience, It definitely got me...Excited. We went and went and went until my husband finished round 3 and couldn't anymore, She had already finished once before that and she agressively took me down to the bed and finished me while he watched and then while I laid there holding her head and shaking he got on his knees behind her, I held her face while she stared into my eyes and moaned "Oh fuck yes" over and over until she collapsed on top of me and then me and her just laid there holding each other all sweaty and post coital.
I have no idea how long it lasted but it felt like hours however I think probably closer to an hour, Eventually she and I got dressed and stood at the door to our room kissing for a little while and then she left. We didn't speak a word and got into bed, We snuggled all night which was nice and in the morning grabbed our puppy, We had a relatively quiet car ride home and he has yet to bring it up. I kind of wish he would so we could get the talk out of the way but he hasn't yet.

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