So messed up

So that thing with the 12 year old and 6 year old happened, which is fucked up way too much and is a scenario that makes me cringe so much. Anyone caught searching for this or posting it is apparently being prosecuted or whatever, idk if these are empty threats to stop this being spread however it can be classed as child pornography so probably yeah. If you don't know what this situation is DONT search for it, not just because it will scar your eyes but you could potentially get prosecuted for it. It'd basically a 12 year old giving her 6 year old brother a blowjob, which is absurd especially as even still she thinks it was justified and has not apologised once and acts like she does not deserve the bullying. I feel sorry for her parents, no one will ever respect them after this. Maybe it's their fault but she is 12 so she would have some mind of her own and influenced by friends. Idk it's disgusting I just had to talk about it what does everyone else think

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  • Kids experiment. Granite with the internet the bar has been raised to a level I would have never known at 6 or 12 years old. This is just where we are now. The kids dont know the depth of this incident it was experimentation to them.
    Want this thing blown out? Get the adults putting a spot light on it. Corection yes is needed, not a big drama parade.

  • I posted below. Children should be watched at all times. I was shocked catching my little angel about too send pictures off herself. But dont think she will ever try it again..

  • That poor girl and boy. They are only babys and I blame their parents. I caught my eleven year old daughter trying too send nude pictures off herself not long ago and dont mean too be rude. She was lyeing on her bed and spread her little intimate girl bits open and as parents we had ti take some blame. Im just greatfull that after searching her phone historie and seen know evidence off anything apart from messages too a boy in her class. I was furious and tried to be calm as possibale and she start too tear up but give bit off attitute and needless to say she has no phone now and is still grounded. I gave her the spanking off her life and bathed her and bed and told my husband what she was up too. Shes now getting her bum spanked bare by bought my husband and I before early bedtime till her grounding is finished. Were are parents these days..

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