Wife's Curiousity And Her Mom's Made Wife A Swinger

I had a desire to try swinging, but my wife refused. We been married over a year and my desire grew stronger. One night in bed I brought up the swinging subject back up. " Aren't you interested in seeing or doing other cocks besides mine. I know you're happy with my thick cock and how good it feels in you." I said to her. "There 's one cock that I might be interested in seeing but it be taboo. My mom told me my uncle is hung like a horse after I confessed to her that yours is the fattish one I been with and seen." Seeing Betty, my wife, taking a horse like cock turned me on that I banged her again in bed.
Few days later, her mom was over visiting. I overheard them talking about cocks but didn't say a word to Betty. That night my wife asked me if I'm willing to show mom my penis and if I would get bent out of shape if her uncle exposed his penis to her. " There no harm in a little exhibition fun providing that you and your mom bare breasts to compare." I sad.
Betty and I went to her mom's house the following week for dinner. Betty's uncle was there too. At the dinner table the conversation of flashing came up. The ladies bared their tits at the table. My mother-in-laws tits was big like Betty's but a bit saggy with long nipples. We got done eating and went into the Livingroom. They said, "OK guys it's your turn to expose your privates." Betty's uncle and I exposed our limp dicks and smiled to each other. The women was happy with what they saw but wondered what they look like hard. "We need to be enticed to get hard." I told my wife to take her top off and play with her uncles dick. Her mom did the same for me. Our penises got hard. I said it was time to be real exhibitionists and bare all and go into the bedroom and do the natural thing that people do.
The ladies really got into it and played with each other's breast while filling their pussy with our penises. It was a fun night and a bit taboo, so we agreed never to do or bring it up again.
A few days later my wife asked me if I was still interested in swinging because she just experienced it and enjoyed it. Betty and I wife swapped and I let her have multiple men from time to time. She shared me with her friends and co-workers. We are members to several swing clubs and a nudist resort.

8 months ago

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    • Very nice ny girlfriend and I love playing around having 3somes and 4 somes

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