Desire Each Other's Wife

My wife enjoys the company of my fellow co-worker and his wife. They come over to our house to kill Sundays. We chat and play board games that day and eat dinner together. I started eyeing Fred' wife. She's pear shape. Small on top but has wide hips and thick thighs carrying a hot ass on her.
Fred and I went out to eat lunch during our work hour. Somehow the topic swinging, wife swapping came up. We both confessed we would like to have each other's wife. Fred said he couldn't keep his eye's off my wife, Betty. He would enjoy playing and using Betty's saggy huge tits. His wife, Erma was small breasted but has hot looking nipples and dark areolas . I told Fred that Betty's long nipples pointed out at the ends of her breasts. I told him what intrigued me was Erma's wide hips and thick thighs. We both confessed our desire of wife swapping. We both confessed to get our wives interested in the idea but have no luck.
My wife went along with the idea to play an adult board game that Fred brought over that one Sunday when Erma told Betty she's game to play it. Well it ended up having our privates exposed and felt with. Erma and Fred sucked and played Betty's tits while I put my head inside Erma's thighs and kept pinching her nips. It turn out to be a fun first time wife swap. Betty enjoyed slapping Erma's butt with Fred's and mine's penis and slapping it with her long saggy tit.
Sundays turned into Funday. I convinced Betty in having them sleep over on Saturday nights. Fred and Erma suggested that we should host swing parties on Saturdays now and then. We all liked the idea.

4 months ago

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    • Erma???...Really? That’s sexy.😒

    • Twice a year Vinny and I swap wives for a week. It didn’t take much to convince Angie, Vinny’s wife, but mine took some time. But eventually Lindsey agreed. It’s been going on for 11 years now swapping wives, usually we go on separate vacations with each others significant other. We act like we’re married. And after that week is over, that’s it. We don’t secretly meet up, we pretend like it never happened for another 6 months

    • So fantastic

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