Living The Pandemic Lifestyle

Our normal social lifestyle activity has been altered. This stay at home order has us doing things we really didn't expect to do. I live with my divorced mom and our neighbor is divorced also and I pal around with her son that lives with her at times. Since we can't go clubbing we do our social drinking in each other's house at times. Then the pandemic lifestyle began from getting together with us stay at home people.
We was drinking in the living room, talking and complaining about how our sexual activity has changed. Masturbating and watching porn on the internet wasn't all that fun. Our moms admitted to us that they got involved with one another and it reduced the stress they had. This blew Rob's and my mind out. We watched them kiss and rub each others breasts causing us to get hard. They started to undo each other's clothing. Rob suddenly said, "Want to be our MILFs?" and pulled out his dick. His mother asked me to pull mines out so she can compare it with Rob's. I pulled it out and Rob's mother told my mother I had a nice dick. Rob told me my mom's tits was in great shape for her age. I agreed with him. I told Rob his mom has big fat nipples on her small size breasts that was made to suck on. Then my mom said, "Come here Jake and join me in sucking Betty's nipples."
I went over and started sucking on Betty's nipples. Betty was a BBW and she grabbed my cock. Rob came over to watch us as he played with his dick. My mom stopped sucking Betty's breasts and started to give Rob a head job. Before long Rob and I exploded. Betty rubbed my cock across the cum I shot on her breasts. Mom took Rob's cum on her face.
Then the women said this is only the beginning depending on how long this pandemic lasts. We started planning our sexual activities. Betty suggested we should cam with others that's playing with family members. Rob and I agreed, but my mom said, "Let's see how far we go with each other first to see if us MILFs turns you on sexually."


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  • Olen oma emaga kodus karantiinis ja joome puhast viina ning nikume.Esimene kord oli kolm päeva tagasi kui olime purjus ja siis ronisin emale peale.Algul lükkas mind eemale,aga kui ma ta pükse hakkasin maha tõmbama siis alistus.See kaks nädalat pole korteris muud teha kui joo ja niku.

  • What I want to know is why are there still these stupid fucking people on cruise ships somewhere all infected. When this shit first broke I would have canceled my cruise even if I lost money. I certainly wouldn't have went on a trip. Plus the people now stuck abroad with little to no resources. Dumb thinking.

  • Inbred WV trash in a trailer park too??

  • That is hot! The four of you should move in together so you can all live in the same place during this period. At night you should only sleep with your mom. Then only you can fuck her and enjoy her bigger tits.

  • What a bunch of dumb ass cock sucking cum covered morons. You guys should have all just went down to spring break. Cough! Cough!

  • See you are already coughing. People like you will be the ones to die.

  • Yep you all are going to die. You will be too dumb or too drunk when the sirens sound and the end approaches. But hey that is how it has to be. Every now and then we need a pandemic to thin the herds of all but the fittest. Which probably ain't you or your group of rejects. Enjoy the apocalypse suckers.

  • You'll be the one who ends up catching coronavirus and dying from it. lol

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